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Thuwu-Ni festival underway in Pughoboto

By EMN Updated: Nov 14, 2014 12:15 am

Principal Correspondent
Pughoboto, November 13

Thuwu-ni Festival Pughoboto 2014, dubbed as a “festival for economic progress” commenced here under Zunheboto district with representatives from the 24-villages under Pughobto sub-division joining the fanfare in the various competitions and stalls at Pughoboto ground.The festival is first of its kind in the state initiated by the local MLA to take the constituency towards economic progress, development and sustainability. Thuwu-ni, which will conclude with the celebration of Ahuna tomorrow has been initiated by the concerned like-minded leaders, professionals and intellectuals of Aphuye (Pughoboto area) under the stewardship of the MLA representing 13 Pughoboto A/C, Parliamentary Secretary for Irrigation and Flood Control and Election Y. Vikheho Swu.
Making a vision statement during the inaugural function, Swu said Pughoboto area is economically very stratically located, but we have been unable to properly avail the opportunities while stressing that “it is high time that the people of the area capitalize on the advantages and move towards sustainable growth, development and progress”.
He said that the people of Pughoboto area must initiate taking up planned activities in three major areas – farming, meat production and tourism – to progress towards economic development.
Stating that the literal meaning of ‘Thuwu-ni is to grow or progress’, he said the festival is a conscious initiative by a group of people to make a collective effort towards enhanced economic outcomes and improved social conditions by optimizing the production capacity and fully realizing the potentials and skills of the area people in all fields.
In the farming sector, he said that Aphuyemi or Pughoboto area is abundantly bless and the land is suitable for growing vegetables and fruits of all kinds. There is a need to utilize the land for various productions and not limit only to rice cultivation through ‘Jhum’ practices which is harvested just once a year usually depending on rain.
On meat production, he said Nagas are prodigious consumers of meat. Tradiionally too, livestock has been a very integral part of the existence of Naga people, he said, but lamented that presently all the meat consumed in the state is imported from other states with less than 25% being locally produced. Piggery and cattle farming can be promoted for commercial purposes, he opined.
In the Tourism sector, he said it is one of the world’s largest business with many nationals solely depending on tourism industry for their economic growth. “We are the people, who have been blessed with a rich and vibrant culture along with a beautiful topography. We need to capitalize on this God’s given gifts for the upliftment of Pughoboto area.
He announced that to achieve the aforementioned visions, the year 2014-2017 has been declared as the years for economic development for the area.
He also highlighted that in order to achieve the three set of goals for economic development of the area, programs such as skilling Pughoboto, piggery projects, best village produce, clean village campaign, back to my village, Thuwu-ni Pughoboto touring programmes, river conservation and forest reserves would be initiated.
“We are confident that Aphuyemi can become economically advanced, self sufficient and healthier place in few years if these activities are followed through with sincerity and dedication. We can do it, because we believe we are people with integrity,” envisioned the first time elected MLA and Parliamentary Secretary of the Constituency, Vikheho Swu who is also a former president of Naga Students’ Federation.
Executive Secretary SABAK Rev. Hotokhu P. Zhimo pronounced the blessing while folk fusion was presented by Mughami Melos.
The festival being celebrated in the form of a ‘fair’, he said sporting activities like football, badminton and indigenous games; cooking competition, handloom and handicrafts as well as music competitions and local edible stalls are being set up by the 24-villages.
Clean election marathon, opening of stalls, the taste of Aphuyemi (chef competition), free medical camp, greased pole climbing, badminton, football and Thuwu-Ni Nite marked the first day of the festivities.
On the concluding day tomorrow, which coincides with the post harvest festival of Sumi tribe ‘Ahuna’ would witness Naga Karting, Ahuna celebration, traditional kick fighting and finals of football and badminton during the day while the nite will be Ahuna Nite.

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