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The Intelligence milieu

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[dropcap]N[/dropcap]agaland’s present Governor, Dr Ashwani Kumar, must no doubt, have felt a sense of satisfaction that the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has been complimented by General Secretary of Interpol (International Police). Robert K. Noble has described the agency as “powerful and respected” in international arena that has placed India in the forefront of global policing. Dr. Kumar was Director of the CBI from November 30, 2008 to November 30, 2010.Noble has also complimented CBI in its capacity as the National Central Bureau (NCB), for Interpol in India for demonstrating professionalism and willingness to share its expertise to effectively combat transnational organized crime. The bureau showed leadership role several times including when it co-hosted with Interpol on two important regional programmes.
Since the last five decades beginning with founder and Director, DP Kohli and continuing with the present Director Ranjit Sinha, the agency has undergone the vicissitudes of political interference as well as non-interference, Noble said.
The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is reputedly the foremost investigating police agency in India. It assists the investigation of crimes such as murder, kidnapping and terrorism. In 1987, the CBI was divided into two divisions: the Anti-Corruption Division and the Special Crimes Division. It is under the jurisdiction of the Union Government. The CBI is involved in major criminal probes. The CBI was established in 1941 as the Special Police Establishment (SPE). It was renamed the Central Bureau of Investigation on April 1, 1963. Its motto is “Industry, Impartiality, Integrity”.
While analogous in structure to the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) of the USA, the CBI’s powers and functions are limited to specific crimes by Acts (primarily the Delhi Special Police Establishment Act, 1946). The CBI is subject to five ministries of the Government of India. The CBI is different in its functions from the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW or R&AW) which is the primary external intelligence agency of India. The Intelligence Bureau (IB) is India’s internal intelligence agency and reputedly the world’s oldest intelligence agency. Former Nagaland Governor Shyamal Datta was also a Director of the IB.
Not much is known about these premier intelligence agencies. They are shrouded in secrecy. Many former Directors of these agencies have been appointed Governors, no doubt, for outstanding work but it is also true that they are aware of many skeletons in the numerous political cupboards. So, they will do well in any capacity.

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