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The Bible and legal books donated to quarantine centres

By Our Reporter Updated: Jun 09, 2020 9:02 pm

Our Reporter
Dimapur, June 9 (EMN):
Agriculture Production Commissioner (APC) and also overall in-charge of Covid-19 in Dimapur, Y Kikheto Sema informed that Gideons International had donated 5000 Bibles to all quarantine centres in Dimapur, while the department of Law and Justice also donated 9100 books on legal issues to educate the public on various laws governing the country.

Speaking to Eastern Mirror, Sema said that many organisations have been donating generously during this “turbulent time” to fight Covid-19.
“With these Bibles and law books, residents of quarantine centres can spend their time wisely and learn many things in a befitting manner,” said Sema adding that every donation and contribution is useful no matter how big or small.

While acknowledging the contributions from both the organisations, Sema appealed to all residents at the quarantine centres to make the most of the reading materials provided during their stay.

“We cannot thank each and every organisation for their contributions but we acknowledge all your efforts; I hope returnees at quarantine does the same and make use of them,” said Sema.

In an advisory, Sema informed that residents of some quarantine centres were not adhering to Covid-19 containment protocols like social distancing, spitting, consumption and sharing of cigarettes, attempts to jump quarantine among others.

It was also observed that some residents are congregating together and engaging in social activities contrary to the mandated norms of social distancing like playing cards, ludo and others.

“The containment protocols are instituted and enforced for the safety of both the residents and community at large. Engaging in such risky behaviour and deviation from the safety norms shall be detrimental to all stakeholders,” the advisory stated.

“Such indiscipline shall compel authorities to divulge and expose the defaulters for the safety of other residents and penal actions as provided under Disaster Management Act 2005, Epidemic Diseases Act 1897 and Indian Penal Code 1860, to be initiated against defaulters.”
Sema further advised all the residents at quarantine centres to adhere to the safety protocols during their short stay at the quarantine centres.

Covid-19 cases putvolunteers at bay

APC Y Kikheto Sema stated that initially many people had volunteered to help provide relief and other operations. He, however, stated that after returnees were tested positive for Covid-19, ‘there is hardly any people that is coming forward to help.’

Sema stated this during a press conference at the commissioner’s guesthouse in Dimapur on June 9. Sema said it is a huge challenge for the government employees now as most of the officers and senior officers are ‘working like labourers day and night.’ He added that most of the government engineers were working as work-charged employees.

Sema said that until and unless everyone join hands, it would be difficult to fight the virus. He opined that it would be a huge challenge for the government post Covid-19 pandemic as most of them would be jobless.

Sema informed that around 60 quarantine centres have been used for the returnees. As of now, around 3300 returnees are in quarantine centres and it would increase since registration is still going on, Sema added.

Referring to the latest reviewed SOP, Sema stated that even the asymptomatic patient could be sent to other districts but ‘as far as possible they were trying to retain the returnees in Dimapur itself.’ He admitted that it is a violation of SOP in one way.

Sema also added that they have informed the districts to be mentally prepared as the returnees would be sent to their respective districts at any point of time. The Covid-19 hospital in Dimapur is ‘full and they cannot accommodate anymore,’ he said.

He said the committee had appealed to other districts to receive the returnees, both symptomatic and asymptomatic, as per the latest SOP.
“Whether SOP or not SOP, if our house is full, they have no option but to send the patient to their respective district,” he said.

He also urged the people to fight coronavirus together and not stress on small issues but unite to fight this pandemic.

“This is not the time to shy away from responsibilities,” he said.
Sema also informed that some colonies and villages were refusing to accept returnees even after completing 14-day quarantine. In this regard, he has warned of stern action against them.

Meanwhile, Sema has acknowledged the private schools and colleges for their contributions and requested them to continue their cooperation and bear with the government. He also appreciated the private doctors’ association for helping out during this difficult time.

By Our Reporter Updated: Jun 09, 2020 9:02:00 pm