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Friday, March 24, 2023
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Levy Traffic Fines for the Right Reasons

By EMN Updated: Nov 25, 2020 9:31 pm

This is addressed to The Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Dimapur. In writing this I am representing the views of many of the public in Chumukedima Area and in and around Dimapur. We are extremely happy for the spanking new highway road that the government has built. The odd and even traffic rule maybe helping the traffic in Dimapur town but checking the odd and even traffic in Chumu area seems to be rather odd. There is no traffic jam in Chumukedima. Most of us in the villages have only one vehicle and are about doing personal business or pertaining to village duty. If I remember right the odd and even rule is to curtail the traffic to avoid traffic jams. But there are no traffic jams in Chumu area. The only bottle neck is Chumu second gate because there are not many openings to important landmarks and so vehicles have to turn around in the already busy junction. This has also resulted in vehicles taking the wrong side. This has the potential to cause many accidents as drivers, myself included tend to speed up with the good road. But to our dismay as we are happily driving, there are two wheelers or four wheelers coming against the ongoing vehicles just because they are avoiding going the long way of turning around. So will you please consider opening up some of the road dividers unless there are plans to build many flyovers and that soon as well. What about opening at Chumu Post Office, opening at Chumu SBI and at every gas station? The main complain now is that Traffic officers are charging fines when there is absolutely no traffic jam in Chumu. It has become a standing joke that they are only lining up their pockets as their challan is only a piece of paper and not even official. Is the fine collected going into the right office? Some vehicles are ‘officially excused’ just because they are known to the traffic officers. Double standard? Surely you are not training them to be crooks in the traffic department. There is no way you can compare Chumu area with Church road. I would say that if there are traffic jams it is bad management. If your traffic officers want to collect fine, there are many vehicles running in the dark with only one light working , some not even a light. What about vehicles with absolutely no number plates? What about VIP vehicles over speeding? Do rules apply to them? What about vehicles moving the wrong direction? It is highly accident prone. Many drivers are on their phone while driving. What about people driving with small kids on their laps. Would that be defined as dangerous? Would you fine them on the spot? Please collect fines immediately on the citizens that are randomly throwing out wrappers and bottles from their cars onto the road. Yes we have a long way to go. And last but not the least please provide parking areas in school grounds or other open areas during Christmas season around Church road. Paid parking is no issue.

Tepu Khieya,
Khriezephe Village,

By EMN Updated: Nov 25, 2020 9:31:43 pm