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Style Spot: In conversation with Centy J

By EMN Updated: Mar 03, 2015 10:03 pm

Style Spot today features spirited Fashion Designer Centy J who is living her childhood dream of becoming a fashion designer. Having polished herself from NIFTT and IIFT Guwahati, she has made a mark in the fashion industry and her hard work have paid her now as she is a faculty in Fashion & Textile Design in K. Creative Fashion Institute, Dimapur and also a faculty at The Global Open University, Department of Fashion Technology, Kohima, Nagaland.

EM: Are you self-taught or did you study fashion Designing?

Centy J: I studied Fashion Designing course from National Institute of Fashion and Textile Technology (NIFTT) & Indian Institute of Fashion Technology (IIFT), Guwahati. And currently I am working on my own Label CENTY J.

EM: What was your first job?
CJ: I started my career as a faculty since 2006 where I worked as a Faculty of Fashion Designing in NIFTT, NSIC, CEC Guwahati for four years. Now am working as a visiting faculty in Fashion & Textile Design in K. Creative Fashion Institute, Dimapur for the past two years. And presently working as a Faculty in Department of Fashion Technology,The Global Open University (TGOUN), Kohima, Nagaland.

EM: what made you take fashion more seriously and make a career out of it?
CJ: We are born with fashion, fashion is fun, and fashion provides freedom and creativity like no other. The world of fashion is endless. This is the reason behind which made me take up fashion as a career and, no doubt fashion designing is and has always been my passion.

EM: There are many youngsters in the state who wants to get into fashion industry and who already are in, as a faculty of a fashion institute what have you noticed that are lacking by the learners in the field.
CJ: It’s always encouraging to see young people taking serious interest in fashion not just as a hobby but also as a career. As a faculty, personally, I feel that there is a lack of career guidance in our state especially in the field of fashion industry and which, I think, out of many, is one of the reasons which hinders the youngsters to take up fashion designing as a career.

EM: What is the areas state needs to contribute in the field of fashion technology?
CJ: State Govt. can provide brighter avenues in fashion industry like –
o Good career guidance
o Enhancement of new technologies in different sector
o Can provide better opportunities for different entrepreneur
o Skill development program
o Scholarship- scheme for fashion designing students

EM: What is the best part of being a fashion designer as a faculty?
CJ: As a faculty when I teach someone I experience and learn more, and life is all about learning out of experience and being a fashion designer it’s all about experiencing and exploring new things with an imagination that makes a reality, and that is the best part of being in fashion industry as a faculty.

EM: What are you most proud of out of all you have accomplished and learned?
CJ: It was way back when I was in school in my 5th standard I started to dream of becoming a Fashion Designer. And today my dream has become a reality. In the same way when I see my students reaching their goal and says”Hey Madam I’ve design this” that excitement makes me so complete and bring happiness and that makes me proud to be what I’m today.

EM: Do you try to continue with the trends or create your own trend?
CJ: Trends are a journey, not a destination. It keeps evolving. So whether I continue with the trends or create my own trend, it’s more important to make me feel mentally and physically comfortable in what I design.

EM: Which is the best fabric to use in all season and why?
CJ: Cool wool fabric is the best fabric to use in all season, and also it can easily adopt trans-seasonal fabric for all weather we can also blend with other natural fiber such as Silk, Cotton and Linen.

EM: Few words for aspiring fashion Designer.
CJ: Creativity is not the only way to become a fashion designer,it’s the determination and vision to reach the destination, so always be true to yourself, and not to be afraid to lead your own path as a designer.This is what will set you apart and give you a chance to be seen.To become a true designer you have to make a difference by making someone feel more comfortable and confident in what you design, because “Finally there is always a result at the end which will be you identity”

EM: Do you refer books before working on a piece? If so, mention some of fashion books which has helped you with?
CJ: Yes, I do refer books on fashion before working on a piece which always has helped me. Some of the books which I often refer to are –
o Encyclopedia Fashion Details by Patrick john Ireland
o Encyclopedia of Textiles by P.V Vidyasagar
o Any fashion Books written and compiled by Manmeet Sodhia and Elisabetta ‘Kuky’ Drudi.
o Pattern Making for fashion designing by Helen Joseph- Armstrong
o Inside fashion design by Sharon Lee Tate.

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