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Street library inaugurated in Phek town to instil reading culture

By Thejoto Nienu Updated: Jan 30, 2021 11:27 pm
Children are seen reading books at ‘Pick a book- a street library’ in Phek town on Saturday.

Our Correspondent
Kohima, Jan. 30 (EMN):
To instil the culture of reading, ‘Pick a Book’ – a street library, was on Saturday inaugurated at Mission Compound Colony in Phek town by SDO (C) Zhoi Lohe.

The initiative was first started by Vezito Tetseo, who was the then union assembly speaker of Chakhesang Students Union (CSU).

Founder of the project, Tetseo, while speaking to Eastern Mirror, said that he had shared the dream of starting it since last December to friends and colleagues. He shared how people from various parts of the state responded affirmatively and said, “the response of the people is overwhelming’.

He shared that over 60 books are already in place and more are expected to get delivered to the town in the next few days, which were donated by well-wishers. He also shared his vision of expanding the mission to other places in the state.

He exuded confidence that ‘the street library is going to be a catalyst of creating an impact towards community building.’

“It is a community based street library project. Our street library contains a slew of books of different topics of interest”, he said.

Meanwhile he maintained that cultivating the culture of reading is directly or indirectly going to contribute in promoting human development, which he said, is vital for one’s society to progress.

He shared that the objectives of the project are to enhance the literacy rate in the state starting at the grassroots level by encouraging the student community to read books by giving them easy access, affordable and availability of book materials round the clock.

Another objective is to uplift young people and help them fight against the ‘maniac’ use of social media, gaming addiction and substantial use of drugs and alcohol.

Tetseo shared that he got the inspiration from the street libraries in Mizoram and how it is contributing to their community building and he said, “it is boosting their literacy rate”.

Further he said, “Knowledge is not only gained inside the traditional educational institutions (like schools and colleges) but it can also be obtained in an open environment like on the street sides, resorts, grounds, park etc…”

“Not everyone finds the joy of reading inside the four walls classroom or at home but some love to read in an open environment as it gives them a different taste of reading”, he added.

He maintained that the books that are presently available range from novels, personality development/ motivational, Christian literature, music, medicinal science, competitive exam materials amongst others. He said,

“Everyone from all walks of life and in particular the students are welcome to read books in our street library”.

He informed that certain books and novels written by prominent authors will also be featured in the official IG Page (@pickabookastreetlibrary) for avid readers to borrow within Phek town at a minimal rental charge for maintenance of Street library.

He urged people from different parts of the state to come forward to start the initiative to revive the culture of reading and shared his willingness to help with ideas and books to start the same. Meanwhile he extended his appreciation to all donors and well-wishers towards the initiative and expressed his gratitude to the district administration and district level centre for women (DLCW)- Mahila Shakti Kendra (MSK) under Beti Bachao Beti Padhao (BBBP), Phek for the encouragement in his mission.

SDO (C) Phek, Zhoi Lohe said that the ‘project such as this is modest and humble but every colony and people from other parts of the state must also emulate the same’.

Dwelling on the benefits of reading, Lohe maintained that reading would improve and enhance the thought process, vocabulary, writing skills amongst others.

He expressed his happiness on the new project which would empower people from all walks of life ‘as many are not equally privileged to accessibility and affordability.’

While lamenting that people in the society waste time and not making use of it meaningfully, the official told that the project must sustain and be seed for a public library in the district headquarters.

By Thejoto Nienu Updated: Jan 30, 2021 11:27:33 pm