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State’s election estd. gets busy with poll administration

By EMN Updated: Mar 15, 2019 12:28 am
Rajesh Soundararajan presides over a meeting with representatives of political parties and stakeholders, concerning the Lok Sabha and by-elections to the 26th Aonglenden assembly constituency, on Thursday, in Mokokchung.

Dimapur, March 14 (EMN): The chief electoral officer of Nagaland Abhijit Sinha held a meeting on March 14 with members of political parties to discuss matter concerning the elections to the Lok Sabha for 2019, and the by-elections to the 26th Aonglenden assembly constituency.
The DIPR issued updates about the meeting on Thursday informing about the meeting.
The election officer apprised the political party representatives on the types of election expenditure, disqualification relating to election expenditure, legal provision of expenditure; reasons why monitoring for expenditure is required; and about criminal antecedents in the elections.

Other officials also briefed the party workers on matters concerning paid news, media monitoring committees; and cvigil applications etc.
Representatives from various political parties in the state attended the meeting and interacted with the election officer, commissioner of Nagaland M Patton, and Additional chief election officer N Moa Aier etc.

Likewise, the district election officer of Mokokchung Rajesh Soundararajan held a meeting with representatives of political parties and stakeholders to discuss matter concerning said elections.

The election administration convened a meeting with the police, administrative officers, political parties in Mokokchung; and Ao Senden, Watsu Mungdang and Ao Students’ Conference representatives on March 14.

Besides the Lok Sabha elections for the state, a constituency in the district will be going for by-elections. By-elections will be conducted for the 26th Aonglenden assembly constituency.

The meeting as conducted in the additional deputy commissioner’s conference hall, on Thursday, the IPR stated.
Soundararajan apprised the representatives of the political parties that the election to the Lok Sabha for 2019 and the by-election to the constituency will be held simultaneously on April 11.

Soundararajan, also the district’s deputy commissioner, informed that the voters will cast their vote for both Lok Sabha and by-elections in their respective polling stations.

However, separate machines will be provided for the Lok Sabha and by-elections, he said.
Soundararajan requested the political parties to adhere to the rules stated in the Model Code of Conduct and see that none of it is violated.

He said that the Model Code of Conduct has come into operation with effect from March 10. It will be in force till the completion of the polls.

Likewise, the election officer also talked to them about the election photo identity card (EPIC) for identification at the polling stations. Besides, for electors who are not able to produce the EPIC there are alternative identity documents voters.
He informed that photo voter slips shall henceforth not be accepted as a standalone identification document for voting although it will continue to be prepared and issued to electors as part of the awareness building exercised.

The official appealed to all to cooperate with the authorities to ensure free, fair and successful conduct of the Lok Sabha and bye-election polls.

The superintendent of Mokokchung police, Raguramarajan A, also assured the attendees that adequate security personnel will be provided to maintain security, law and order.

‘We will take all steps to make sure that free and fair election is held in the district,’ he said. He appealed to the parties and voters to follow the guidelines in the election process.

The president of the Ao Senden Chubawati also spoke on behalf of the community’s civil organisations. He appealed to the people to maintain peace for peaceful, free and fair elections.

Training for polling personnel at Zunheboto
As part of preparations to conduct the forthcoming elections to the Lok Sabha, a training programme for polling personnel has been scheduled for Zunheboto district.

Polling officials have been directed to attend the training programme. Failing to attend the event will invite stringent disciplinary action, updates from the DIPR stated on Thursday.

During the first phase of the training programme on March 18 all the polling officials are directed to submit two passport-size photos.
The training for presiding officers and first polling officers will be in the first phase on March 18; the second phase of the training is on March 28, at the government higher secondary school of Zunheboto.

The third phase of the training is on April 8. It will be conducted in the town hall of Zunheboto.
The training for second polling officers and third polling officers is on March 19. The second phase is on March 29. The programme will be conducted at the government higher secondary school of Zunheboto.

The third phase of the training programme is scheduled to be conducted on April 8 in the town hall of Zunheboto.
The training for grade-IV staffs will be on March 19 and April 8 in the town hall of Zunheboto.

Phek to requisition vehicles
The district election officer of Phek district has informed that government vehicles have been requisitioned for the conduct of the Lok Sabha elections, from one parliamentary constituency.

The IPR informed on Thursday that government vehicles ‘in good running condition along with a driver’ should report to the transport committee, at the local ground of Phek town at 10:00 am on April 8, or as and when required. Failure to comply with the order will invite action, the IPR stated.

Pughoboto issues notice for cash transactions
The election officer for Pughoboto Mhathung Tsanglao has listed out the restrictions concerning carrying cash during the elections. Updates from the IPR on Thursday listed out the regulations.

Tsanglao informed all in concern particularly the political parties, contesting candidates and party workers that cash exceeding INR 50,000 found in a vehicle carrying a candidate, his agent or party workers or carrying posters or election materials, or any drugs liquor arms, or gift items which are valued at more than INR 10,000 likely to be used for inducement of electors, shall be seized.

Any person carrying any amount of cash exceeding INR 50000 should always keep some relevant document with them to substantiate the source and purpose of the money, the updates stated.

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