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Shurhozelie group recalls how NPF came into being

By EMN Updated: Jan 19, 2015 12:37 am


The NPF led by Dr Shurhozelie Liezietsu recalled how the NPF came into being. In a statement, the party said that in view of the disturbed condition in Nagaland (then) nearly eight years after trouble started, and, having no option, but to contest the first general elections in Nagaland, slated for February 1964; through a meeting held at Kohima on October 21, 1963, some important resolutions were adopted that included forming of a political party called the Democratic Party of Nagaland (DPN) and got it registered with the Election Commission of India, and had chosen the ‘cock’ as its symbol to contest the forthcoming general election (1964). According to the statement, the party also resolved to work on constitutional line for the rights of the people and that, the party will strive to set up a pattern of administration best suited to the tribes so as to pave the way for permanent internal peace and lasting good relation with the Government of India. The party has, since its inception in 1964, undergone change of nomenclature a number of times to suit the demanding situation of the different periods, but the policy and principles as well as the symbol, Motto etc. of the party continued to remain unchanged. Such being the story of the origin of the this political party (NPF), from Democratic Party of Nagaland (DPN) in 1964 to Naga People’s Front today, Dr Shurhozielie Liezietsu heads this very party as the president NPF, with its headquarters at Kohima, Nagaland, said the statement of NPF (Shurhozelie group)..
According to it, the trust and support of the people that the party enjoys today is because of “our principle, ideology, our approach and commitment of selfless sacrifices for the cause of the people.” “As for NPF, we reiterate that we want to see a political settlement during our time and therefore, the NPF led DAN partners, including the opposition Congress of the Nagaland Legislative Assembly have declared our full support to the ongoing peace process. We have also declared that we will vacate our chairs and pave the way for any alternative arrangement to come and stay any time an acceptable and honorable solution is arrived at. We assure that the NPF stands faithful to the people. This cock party is the people’s party,” the statement said.
It then said that India, the world’s largest democracy, despite its diverse topographical condition and varied cultural practices spread over the vast sub-continent, when it comes to official decrees or laid down system and rules, they are adhered to, with all fairness and strictly implemented. This, in particular, refers to the Election Commission of India (ECI). This cock party is no ordinary party. Right from the day of its inception till date, the oldest regional political party of the North East India, Naga People’s Front (NPF) has maintained all its records with the Election Commission of India, and the party is confident that the Election Commission of India will never flout at its own laid down rules and never stoop to any cheap, misleading practices that could be indulged into by any of the over 700 political parties registered and recognized by the Election Commission of India, the statement added.
Despite these facts, it is most unfortunate and painful that some of the party’s own Legislators and Parliamentarians who were elected (with the cock symbol) by the people with all expectations, are blinded by personal greed and their vested interests, forgetting their commitments to serve the people and work towards meeting their needs and desires, the statement also said. “We still remember and feel for the leaders (Mr. Noke Wangnao, G. Kaito Aye and group) who have drifted away from the mainstream NPF, and who are indulging in misleading acts and waging paper war against the very authentic and legal leadership of the Naga People’s Front party and the Chief Minister with ulterior motives is regrettable. For the sake of our people who have voted and given us the mandate and for our posterity, even at this juncture, we wish that good sense prevails upon them (dissident group),” it added.

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