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Settlement if Minus Sovereignty is Not Final for the Nagas

By EMN Updated: Oct 18, 2019 11:56 pm

Speech to the nation on Naga Martyrs Memorial Day, the 18th of Oct. 2019 by Gen. (Ret) Thinosclie M. Keyho President, NNC.

Dear countrymen, Firstly, I give thanks to God. In His grace I got the opportunity to say few things in remembrance of Naga Martyrs’ I express gratitude to each and every Naga.

We Nagas are a distinct nation, and never lived under the domination of other nations since time immemorial. In-order to live not under other nations we fought relentlessly against the Govt. of Great Britain during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries with whom a peace treaty was made finally. In the event of the departure of the British empire from South East Asia, we Nagas made it known that we wanted to be left alone, a free nation as before. The NNC on behalf of the Nagas informed the UNO, of her Independence on the 14th Aug. 1947. One day a head of India’s Independence. This declaration of Independence was further affirmed by conducting Naga plebiscite in 1951. All these events were executed according to the principle” and plans of the NNC such as:- Non-violence, peaceful settlement, democratic means and natural understanding etc. and to act, talk and resolve accordingly, yet if necessary to boycott, resist and disobey the Govt. of Indias’ orders by way of non-cooperation, civil disobedience etc., following which surviving till today.

At the time of declaration of Naga Independence and conduct of Naga plebiscite Nagas had not formed federal Govt. of Nagaland yet for the simple reason of been aware that formation of Govt. and army by the Nagas could be viewed as a challenge by the Govt. of India and in such an eventually the multitude of Indian army would out member Naga people and face extermination.

Not long after India and Myanmar (Burma) got Independence, the two Prime Ministers Shri. Jawaharlal Nehru of India and Shri. U Nuh of Myanmar (Burma) came to Kohima. A multitude Nagas gathered to meet them at Khochiezie Local Ground, Kohima that day. Then the Chief Minister of Assam announced in loud speakers and said, ”No Naga would be allowed to make any speech nor submit any Memorandum to the Prime Minister Nehru.” At this Nagas were seriously disappointed and said to one another, Eih, if we are not to be listened nor can memorandum be submitted, then we also cannot listen to him, common lets go away” and the crowd departed from Khochiezie Local Ground. As a result only two to three hundred people including Govt. Officials had meeting with them Nehru felt humiliated, and on return to Delhi sent Indian soldiers to the land of the Nagas, who killed Nagas burnt down villages, raped women and tortured the public etc. In this way the Indian soldiers murdered Nagas and did all kinds of evil deeds without any irritation to destroy Nagas, Which compelled the NNC to form Federal Govt. for self-defence.

Nagas don’t believe Indians as their enemy though, NNC has constantly pursued after every possible means of peaceful negotiation. However, uncountable member of Naga leaders were killed from P.M Nehrus time to date.

Beloved Nagas do remember how & why the Indians soldiers have killed hundreds of thousands of Naga patriotic gallants, youths children mothers and sisters, how they sacrificed their lives for the nations. Some were tied to the poles and burnt King Chillies under them suffering them to death, some tied head upside down and taken to death, some stabbed to death with swords and daggers, some were shot dead in front of their wives and children, some were fired at as competition targets, women folks were raped and did uncountable abominable things to kill, sparing not even children and infants.

Imagine how some of our best comrades were hit by enemy bullets in far-away lands and foreign land in battle, who on the verge of death said “Friends leave me and go well.” when you reach our mother land tell them that we are giving our best today so our people live free tomorrow” fallen dead behind friends, some mothers carrying babies on their backs hit by enemy bullets hand over babies to sister-inlaw saying “please take care of my baby” and died insistantly. Some of our sisters were raped openly in public places and murdered. Though Nagas get Independence one day, shame of humiliation and hurts and hardship faced by those families are irreparable and cannot be compensated and so and so forth.

The present state of Nagaland was created just because of the demand of Naga Independence by the NNC and its follow up movements in which many people sacrificed their lives. Nagaland state is not achieved for the wisdom and goodness of the few opportunists Nagas who are brainwashed by the Govt. of India and made the 16-point agreement through which the state of Nagaland came into existence.

In the name of national workers some people have made a Framework Agreement with the Govt. of India and negotiating today. It is contemplated and hoped that with God’s intervention if sovereignty of the Nagas can be brought it would be grateful to them. However, to me, the Govt. of India without considering ground realities and the parent body, the NNC that stands since the inception of the movement till date may not ink the final settlement with a reactionary group of so called national workers, because any settlement which is not acceptable will not be good for the people. We have come this far today, because of the workers who have given their lives for the nation. They died for our bright future and to day for want of sheer personal gain we ought not to be selfish and be unfair to them (martyrs), legally and universally we have all the rights for self-rule and the vision for our future is clear and to sell it away for sheer greed of money and status is abominable God forbids, whatever may be the settlement if minus sovereignty is not final for the Nagas.

In conclusion, bidding in heavy heart I once again salute brethren Naga Martyrs that I am proud of them. It is my hope and wish that all Nagas once again uphold and strengthen the NNC towards achieving our goal.

Thank you, may God bless you.

By EMN Updated: Oct 18, 2019 11:56:34 pm
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