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‘Sericulture has employment avenues for state’

By EMN Updated: Oct 13, 2015 9:45 pm

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The parliamentary secretary for Sericulture, Home Guards & Civil Defense, EE Pangteang, has said that sericulture is ‘people-oriented’ and holds the key to employment generation. The politician has remarked that if the department ‘proceeds rightly and systematically, it would solve a great deal of unemployment problems in the state, wherein the youths will be gainfully self-employed.’
Pangteang maintained that it was ‘very important that the department facilitate and create avenues and opportunities for the youth, and this he said, will also help the department to gain the respect and confidence of the people.’
Addressing the state workshop about ISDP & IBSDP under North Eastern Region Textile Promotion Scheme organized by the Department of Sericulture at Capital Convention Centre today, the politician called for cooperation, building up a sense of oneness among the officers and staff and also to do away with cynical attitude.
He also stressed on the importance of communication and self introspect with a view to correct each other’s mistake and rededicate oneself to the service of the people so that with unity, the department would be able to achieve its goals and maybe even beyond.
Also stating that many employees are in the habit of even denying department promotion and assignments if they are transferred outside their interest, Panteang has appealed to all the officers and staff to be available in their respective place of posting. He also cautioned that strict disciplinary action would be taken as and when such cases are brought to his notice.
In order to get a better view of the activities and work out modalities convenient to the district officers, the implementing agencies, Pangteang informed that first hand information from all the district officers against all the schemes taken up by the department including the list of beneficiaries be given to him, and the progress report should be endorsed to his office as per the schedule of the scheme personally. He said if any difficulties in the implementing part, the matter should be immediately brought to the notice of the controlling officers.
He also strongly pointed out for timely supervision of works and projects undertaken by the department which would help the department to achieve result oriented of the schemes and projects, and directed the department to be accountable, and not hesitate to do away with any unproductive project without further examination for the benefit of both the beneficiary and the department.
Stressing on the importance of work culture, he maintained ‘Nagaland being at a transition period it is imperative we need reformation, dedication and work culture which needs to begin from you and me’. He expressed confidence that if everyone maintains the work culture, they would be more acquainted and refine with the activities of the department, and this will in turn polish the incumbent and have tremendous improvement in the workmanship of the department.
‘Government employees should remember that they are not the masters, but the servant of the people, whom they are to serve’, advised Pangteang.
Earlier in the morning, the Parliamentary Secretary inaugurated the ‘Silkporium’ at the Directorate complex, which will facilitate the local entrepreneurs in the sale and purchase of their products. While congratulating the Director, Pangteang said through this it can slowly generate revenue, and stressed that all district officers should give utmost importance towards revenue sector adding that an effort to this campaign will be another milestone in its journey.
N Hushili Sema, IAS, Secretary Sericulture & IPR in her address said Nagaland has got lots of potential, where silk is concerned, and maintained that it depends on the officers and staff of the department to be the motivating factors to see that the farmers are doing well in this aspect and also see that there is growth and the potential are been exploit to the fullest.
She also noted that as department representatives of the various districts one should seriously think of its bounded duty to impact the main stakeholders that is, the farmers by helping them, strengthening them and making them grow from strength to strength.
She expressed hope that with today’s program they would be able to share their achievements, constraints, deficiencies and also various experiences to hold uplift each other to go forward, and all would go home more wiser, more learned and more equipped to feed the farmers who are the main stakeholders of all the program.
The technical session was held in the afternoon with Chandan Basera, Director of Sericulture as the moderator. Power point presentation were given on ISDP, IBSDP and NER-TPS (Training) followed by interaction session and adoption of resolution. A total number of 162 officers and staffs from eleven districts attended today’s workshop.

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