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Schools and colleges under NBSE asked to conduct exams

By Our Correspondent Updated: Aug 22, 2020 6:49 pm

Our Correspondent
Kohima, Aug. 22 (EMN): The Nagaland Board of School Education (NBSE), in a notification issued on August 21, has informed all the heads of higher secondary schools and colleges registered under the board that mid-term examination for classes 11 and 12 will be conducted either through online or offline mode.

It stated that schools and colleges can make use of the questions given in the ‘question bank’ to prepare the test items for the mid-term examination.

“Before the midterm is conducted, the school may send some questions to the students to familiarise them but the whole set of questions in the question bank should not be sent to them,” it stated.

Schools and colleges, while working on the questions, should ensure that the teacher prepares the questions (to be sent in batch-wise) as per the design of the question paper, it added.

It notified that the mid-term examination shall be conducted for the full allotted marks in each subject, and stated that the submission of results will be only on the external examination marks.

Further, it instructed that during the mid-term assessment, schools and colleges can conduct it in batches and parts in online or offline mode. The institutions were further instructed to inform the students that ‘they should write their answers honestly and send through online or offline mode’.

The board, while encouraging schools and colleges with online facilities to conduct the mid-term examination through such facility, stated that educational institutions that not have the online facilities can give out typed questions, photocopy it and distribute among the students.

It added that schools and colleges, which do not have internet connectivity and need to hand over photocopy of the questions, must take utmost care in handing over the papers by observing all standard operating procedures (SOP) like social distancing, wearing face masks, etc.

The notification stated that no routine for this mid-term examination should be fixed or given out and added, “the institution is at liberty to conduct it for as many days, so long the results of the mid-term examination reaches the board by October 31, 2020”.

It further ordered all schools and colleges to compulsorily assess their students either through online or offline mode and submit the marks; and warned that ‘any school and colleges not submitting the results will be treated as not eligible for final examination’.

It also warned that under no circumstances students should be made to come to school to appear for the mid-term examination and that action will be taken if any school or college fails to comply with the directive.

Further, the schools and colleges were instructed to direct its students to do some activities in relation to Work and Art Education and Physical and Health Education as given in the Life Skills Education textbook. It also informed that the students have to send or submit to the school the proof of the assignment done, for assessment by the teacher and school.

Meanwhile, it informed that the results of the mid-term examination must be submitted to the following email IDs separately: Class 11 –; and Class 12 –

By Our Correspondent Updated: Aug 22, 2020 6:49:33 pm