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Sabalie Colony conducts periodical social work

By EMN Updated: May 14, 2014 1:11 am


With an aim to keep Chumukedima town clean, the Sabalie colony conducted a social work on May 12 and replaced hume pipes in all the three locations. The Social work is conducted 2-3 times every year headed by its chairman.
However, a press release said, as the colony is situated along the foothills ,monsoon mudslides always clogs the drains and culverts making the public very hard to commute and do their daily chores every year and affecting the school children most of all.
The colony council has therefore approached for help many times from the government. However, with no positive help coming from the government, the colony council initiated to collect Rs. 500 from each household and replaced the clogged hume pipes in three places which were too old and small to discharge the monsoon flushes and mudslides each year. Meanwhile, the Sabalie Colony Council has thanked the chairman and council members of the Chumukedima A village for donating 6 Nos of Hume Pipes for the benefit and welfare of the Sabalie colony in particular and the public in general.
Had the hume pipes were not donated, the repair works would not be possible with the little collection that was generated, a press note stated.
In the meantime, the council has once again reminded all the settlers of Sabalie Colony to pay the notified amount so that the remaining works can be completed before the onset of this year monsoon. It has also conveyed its gratitude to all those have generously contributed for the cause ‘Help us to help you better’.
Sabalie colony of Chumukedima town is spread along the foothills of the Patkai Range and bounded by Nagaland Police Complex and Chumukedima village. The colony is earmarked with the establishment of the National Institute of Technology (NIT) in its vicinity.

By EMN Updated: May 14, 2014 1:11:35 am