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SABAK celebrates “Laudate Dominum” music festival

By EMN Updated: Jun 26, 2018 7:16 pm

The Music Committee of Sumi Aphuyemi Baptist Akukuhou Kuqhakulu (SABAK) Pughoboto, held its first music festival under the theme “LAUDATE DOMINUM” (Psalms 33:3) at SABC, Sepfüzou, Kohima on June 23 and 24 which was attended by  delegates from around 25 associated Churches.

The first day of the event saw workshop by New life Studio’s Jackto Wotsa who imparted basic sound management, an internationally renowned composer James S.Swu on choral and vocal technique, while Alobo Naga on Stage Artistry and contemporary singing.

A press release from the organiser mentioned that hordes of musical talents from the region performed in the festival among whom were Lovini Yeptho, Ghokiye Swu, Atto A.Achumi,Sulika V.Swu, Shohe Sisters, Evali Chishi Swu, Yeshika Awomi & Friends, Millenium Voice LVBC, Vini K. Chishi, Alosheli T. Zhimo, Bokato Kiho, SABCK Music committee, Mughami Melos, Nagagenous, Excelsis worship team, and SABCK.

A quartet competition was held amongst the delegate churches where Ighanumi Village Baptist Church emerged as a winner, while SABCK were runners up, and Lazami Baptist church 2nd runners up. Apart from the abundance  of modern and folk fusions music, traditional folk songs was also performance by Tsaphimi B.C., Ghokimi B.C., Shesulimi B.C., Chisholimi B.C.,Lazami B.C., and Leshele (Poetry) recitation by Kasheli Shohe.

The second and final day saw Jt. Director, Department of Health and Family Welfare Dr. Hotokhu Chishi, encouraging the musicians to go on ahead with ones’ true aim in achieving musical greatness, without getting distracted midway and with the abundance of resources available at hand today.

Technicolors, performed to an enthusiastic crowd of old and young alike, while Alobo Naga & the Band performed their latest originals from their upcoming EP as well as their old hits like ‘Painted Dreams & Youth Anthem’.


By EMN Updated: Jun 26, 2018 7:16:49 pm