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RSUP observes Haipou Jadonang Martyr’s Day

By EMN Updated: Aug 31, 2014 12:54 am

Dimapur, August 30

The 83rd Haipou Jadonang Martyr’s Day was observed on August 29 at Jachin Complex Mhainamtsi organized by Rongmei Students’ Union Peren in collaboration with Jachin Phuam Mhainamtsi under the theme ‘The Spirit leads on’.
Chief Guest Tasile N.Zeliang, President Zeliangrong Heraka Pailei Baudi Nagaland and Gwangphun Secy. Gen. RNPO were present as resource person and Naga researcher. The program began with an act of tribute an honor to the Nagas national martyrs’ along with the martyrdom model of Haipou Jadonang.
The occasion was marked by cultural dances, folk song, Queen Contest, choreography, traditional fire making, traditional music etc. Miss Thanjuanliu Gonmei Mhainamtsi was crown as Cultural Queen 2014, Guigui Samziuram as 1st runners-up and Kadingmei Samziuram as 2nd runners-up. The function was attended by students, elders, dignitaries from various organization and well-wishers.
The chief guest implored the students to have positive thinking and appreciate the student body for organizing the program. She further stressed on the importance of honoring our national heroes, respecting women participation in nation building.
Quoting the mothers in shaping and guiding the heroes of the nation, she also emphasized the guidance of mothers from a humble family in making the patriots of the nation. It is observed that heroes usually don’t come from royal family. She pointed out that Haipou Jadonang was brought up under the care of a widowed mother with special motherly guidance. She suggested that Jadonang martyr’s day be declared as national holiday or state holiday. For which the students’ body must move the government for the same.
The resource person strongly emphasized on Jadonang as Naga national hero born from the Rongmei Naga family who must be honoured and remembered as a Naga freedom fighter. Jadonang fought against the foreign forces in his time when the rest of the Nagas in the so-called Naga hills were not aware of the right to self determination. He also recounted history of the Nagas’ struggle against foreign invasion into Nagas land.
In the corner of the Nagas’ land the revolt against the foreign invasion under the leadership of Haipou Jadonang was initiated. “His movement should be inculcated in the history of Nagas struggle. Jadonang predicted the end of British rules in Nagas land at the same time the Nagas will soon establish sovereign Naga Nation.”

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