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Road construction company retracts claims

By Mirror Desk Updated: Sep 24, 2019 1:22 am

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Dimapur, Sep. 23: Shivalaya Construction Company Pvt. Ltd., the firm that is constructing the Chakabama-Zunheboto (0 to 50 km) highway, has retracted its earlier claim that the people of Thenyizu village, in Phek district, had stopped work on said stretch of road.

Speaking to Eastern Mirror, the manager of Shivalaya Construction Company Pvt. Ltd, Sandeep Dhiya clarified the allegations that were made against Thenyizu village and the local people “demanding for more illegal compensation.”

Dhiya clarified in a separate statement that was issued on Mon., Sep. 23, that “the sole reason of the suspension was because of the non-compliance of the two-lane construction issue which the DC Phek have refused to address the request and to which the villagers imposed indefinite ban on construction activities within their jurisdiction.”

Also, during a conversation on the phone on Monday evening he said, “The allegation made against the village is false.” He has urged the district administration to resolve the issue at the earliest for the company to resume its work as prolonged suspension will have adverse effects on national highway development works throughout Nagaland.

The village development board secretary of Thenyizu village, Thepukrayi, informed Eastern Mirror on Monday evening that “the villagers are seeking assurance in the compensation issue from the competent authority. We are not raising compensation dispute with the NHIDCL.”

“It is not an illegal compensation,” he stated responding to the allegations of ‘demand for more illegal compensation.’
The secretary disclosed that the compensation that is to be received is worth over INR four crore, and the villagers are requesting a one-time payment instead of in instalments.

This reporter also talked to the head GB of Thenyizu village, Vepozoyi Theyo, on Monday. He also refuted the allegations made by the construction company and clarified that the villagers did not do any harm or threatened construction workers nor did they seize machineries.

By Mirror Desk Updated: Sep 24, 2019 1:22:05 am