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Road construction at Padumpukhuri halted

By EMN Updated: Nov 05, 2019 12:02 am
An asphalt paver is seen with bituminous macadam mix at Padampukhuri 2 1/2 mile Dimapur. The road construction was halted after an altercation between the contractor and some persons from the colony.

Our Reporter
Dimapur, Nov. 4 (EMN): An altercation between a contractor and a colony council on November 2 has stalled an ongoing road construction at Padumpukhuri 2 1/2 mile in Dimapur forcing the firm, M/S. Multi Builders, to file an FIR on November 3.
According to the FIR filed by M/S. Multi Builders, “On Nov. 2 2019, around 12:00 PM IST, near Nagamese Baptist Church, Padampukhuri 2 1/2 mile Dimapur, without any prior information GB Padampukhuri (name withheld) and his accomplices (name withheld) came to our ongoing work site and demanded us to cease the work immediately stating that the work is not being done according to the Detailed Project Report (DPR).”
“When the department JE of PWD (R&B) who was on the site tried to explain to them that everything was going according to the DPR, they challenged his authority and threatened to thrash him and lock him up. We tried our best to reason with them and settle the matter in a peaceful manner but they became even more agitated and threatened to burn all our equipment if we didn’t surrender the keys of all the equipments,” it added.
The FIR copy further stated: “We even requested them to at the least let us empty our paver which was loaded with BM mix while it is still hot or else the mix will harden on the paver itself rendering it useless, which they denied and upon further request got agitated and threw away the keys of our paver and roller. As a result of this incident, we had to discard three tipper loads of bituminous macadam mix which was almost worth three lakh and the bituminous macadam mix on the paver is hardened by now rendering the paver machine unrecoverable, which the accused must bear full responsibility and replace it.”
When contacted, the police have confirmed that the firm has filed an FIR in connection with the incident.
The PWD (R&B) SDO, when contacted, told Eastern Mirror that all the construction works that were supposed to be taken up after Padampukhuri have been stalled because of the issue.
“The construction was scheduled to be completed on November 2-3 and start the PWD junction to Lotha colony via Unity College,” he said. The paver machine key, which was said to have been thrown into the bush, could not be recovered.
The SDO said that the department is not concerned about the money but of the machineries, as the works which are scheduled to be completed this season have been stalled. He also refuted the allegations levelled by the accused persons, maintaining that the contactor was executing works as per the DPR.

By EMN Updated: Nov 05, 2019 12:02:54 am
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