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Rickshaw puller hits INR 50 lakh jackpot

By Mirror Desk Updated: Oct 01, 2019 11:42 pm

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Dimapur, Oct. 1: It is in the nature of lottery that it produces more losers than winners. But for the lucky few who gets the rub of the green, it’s a different story. Gaur Das, a rickshaw puller in Nagaland, has had a life-changing moment after winning the government of Nagaland’s jackpot lottery prize worth INR 50 lakh on September 29.

According to Das, a lottery ticket seller forced him to buy the ticket while he was returning home after a cancelled picnic plan due to incessant rains. He was reluctant to buy the ticket at first as he had only INR 70 in his pocket at the time. After repeated requests from the seller, he eventually bought the ticket for INR 30.

Das went to check the results of the lottery from a nearby lottery ticket shop on September 29 afternoon, and was elated when he found out that he had won the first prize. He said that he didn’t disclose the news of his win to his neighbours fearing his safety and deposited the ticket in a bank on September 30.

Das lives with his widowed mother, wife, two daughters and a son. In order to sustain his family of six, his wife and mother also work as daily wage labourers. His son is in class three and his two daughters have just been admitted in a primary school. Das informed that he would use the money to build a house for his family as well as utilise it for his children’s education.

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By Mirror Desk Updated: Oct 01, 2019 11:42:06 pm