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Rhythm of Love

Rhythm of Love: In conversation with Mc Gruff

By Temshinaro Updated: Apr 25, 2019 11:11 pm
Kezevilie Kintso


Kezevilie Kintso commonly known as “Mc Gruff’ on stage is an 18-year-old rapper based in Kohima. Inspired by famous rappers like Big Sean, Asap Rocky, Xxxtentacion and YG, Mc Gruff started this genre of music during his early teenage years.
Kintso, who loves writing lyrics, says that he writes lyrics depending on his mood, ‘if I’m positive I’ll be writing good stuffs and if I’m not really in a happy mood it’s a different case.’
The young rapper says he learns lessons from his failures and works harder while keeping his mistakes as a weapon.
Rhythm of Love today, shares an insight into the young artist Kezevilie Kintso aka Mc Gruff.
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Eastern Mirror: How would you like to introduce yourself to those who haven’t heard of you yet?

Mc Gruff: Hi I’m Kezevilie Kintso also known as Mc Gruff and I am a rapper and a performer hailing from Kohima Nagaland and I am 18. You can follow me on Instagram @gruffycandoit, Facebook @Kezevilie Kintso and on Indihut @Mc Gruff.


Eastern Mirror: Any interesting story behind how and when you started your connection with ‘music’?

Mc Gruff: I was introduced to rap music from a very young age and I still vividly remember the songs that I grew up listening to, I was born at the time when Hip Hop was at its best form and I drew my interest into it.


Eastern Mirror: What are the main inspirations for the lyrics you write?

Mc Gruff: The lyrics that I write are more basically just for the love of the game and the culture. My inspirations in writing and my lines comes accordingly to my mood if I’m positive I’ll be writing good stuff and if I’m not really in a happy mood it’s a different case.


Eastern Mirror: Musically, what are your biggest influences and who are your favorite musicians?

Mc Gruff: My influence into this rap game is for the love of the Rap Game and for the love of the Hip Hop culture and my favourite rappers are Big Sean, Asap Rocky, Xxxtentacion and YG.


Eastern Mirror: What are three things you look for when you prepare to go on-stage?

Mc Gruff: The three things that I look for when I’m about to perform live are, “Don’t trip, I got this, And I’ll burn it.” Even if I flop on stage I take it as a lesson to learn and  work harder and do better next time.


Eastern Mirror: How do you describe your musical style?

Mc Gruff: My musical style would be, I’m trying to bring a different rapping style that depends more on the flow and less on the rhyme .


Eastern Mirror: Your opinion on the hip hop scene in the state.

Mc Gruff: Hip Hop is really growing big in Nagaland, we got different groups now and we can see people supporting this Hip Hop culture and giving us love and we can say that Hip Hop has taken a big step in our state and I want to tell the people never to stop supporting the local artists and keep giving us love cause without you all we are nothing.


Eastern Mirror: Your dream venue.

Mc Gruff: I really wish to perform live at Caesars palace Las Vegas.


Eastern Mirror: Favourite quote.

Mc Gruff:”Do not let your Body define your Soul, let your Soul define your body” ~ Xxxtentacion ~

By Temshinaro Updated: Apr 25, 2019 11:11:30 pm