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Resurrection of Nagaland

By EMN Updated: Apr 19, 2014 11:23 pm

I believe people, especially young generation, will agree with me when I speak some generic issues relating to a better, cleaner, generation, and global vision of Nagaland as Resurrection of Nagaland.
The followings are not something impracticable if Nagaland can consider them as worth venturing:Nagaland Observatory?
While many human efforts move into forgotten history and fossilization, scientific invention and discovery will rotate the orbit of our modern generation with relevance. And one of such
sciences relates to probing into discovering curious and phenomenal solar mysteries. Can Nagaland begin to consider a project as Japfu Observatory of Kohima as feasible? I believe it is a worth venturing.
This astronomical tout is both theological and touristy.
Water Conservation?
As water is the basic essential need of human subsistence, it has become the key issue if Kohima of Nagaland should still remain as the capital of our land. As Kohima continues the present rate of water battle, we must ponder over a new feasible location with viability.Therefore, in view of the struggle in particular and global water crisis in general, can Nagaland take up a major scale of Water Conservation at Kohima and rainwater harvests in the district capitals? It is a point of survival towards success and a key issue of generation.
Indigenous Research and Studies?
Culture relates to learning, retaining and preserving, and promoting values of human ways of life handed down. Indigenous values must not be fossilized; rather they must continue to relate to passing generations. Naga culture is a most refine and exquisite custom. But sadly our culture is at the verge of extinction. An indigenous studies center seems to be a delaying attention in the midst of many ambitious projects. Such a school can keep alive human cultures in relation to the Nagas. Can a wing of indigenous research and studies be developed alongside the Arts and Culture department of Nagaland or a Conversion?
Leadership of Biblical Principle
The message of life changing Gospel came to us some 141 years ago.Our response to the Gospel brought manifold blessings. But in stead of God’s faithfulness, we reverse and deviate from the Truth. We are now losing and loosening Christian values in our practice. Our families, schools, government, and society are invaded and plagued by evils of modern anti-therapeutic elements. It is Too Early for Nagaland to Die. We have not yet begun our Christian journey and God’s mission. What we need today is leaders that can clean up the society with integrity and moral courage, and upholding legacy of Christian value.
Effect of the Resurrection
The Lord Jesus Christ rose again from the death according to the Scriptures. Christians will rise again in the like manner. But preceding eschatological resurrection, the power of resurrection must be translated into our day-to-day practical life, transforming individuals and community circles, and bearing cleaner social life,deeper Christian living, all round ‘better’ and a difference from before.
He Rose Again. May the power of Resurrection transform Nagaland!

Phuveyi Dozo

By EMN Updated: Apr 19, 2014 11:23:13 pm