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Rengma Nagas and Karbi embroilment

By EMN Updated: Jan 11, 2014 11:29 pm

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]his refers to “The Assam Rengma and Karbi Embroilment” by Shri T.Solo and my rejoinder thereof:-
1. As regard to consideration of Ground Realities as a basis for boundary settlement will amount to equating the present ground realities with historical realities. Furthermore the facts of the present realities can be better assessed only if we care to take a look back to the past and reviewed the past and find out what has gone wrong and take steps to rectify the same, this will enable better planning for the future. Thus, the present ground realities cannot be considered as the sole mean to settle the present conflicts between the Rengma Nagas and the Karbi.2. As against the suggestion of ‘Give &Take’ it is to be pointed out that this is not only contradictory to the wisdom of our forefather but if resorted to without taking into account the historical realities would be playing directly into the game plan of our adversary. Our forefather only asked the then British GOI in 1929 to leave us alone as before in the event they leave India, whereas the then interim Government of India in 1947 offered to return all our ancestral land and amalgamate all our territories under one administrative unit if the Nagas join India. It is on this assurance that the over ground Nagas are today in India. Therefore, prior to receiving firm reply on the question of fulfillment of these promises it would be too hasty to suggest ‘Give & Take’ at this stage. Further for the sake of clarity let us not use the term Assam Rengma or Nagaland Rengma, as we are all aware that there is no settled legal boundary between the states of Nagaland with the neighboring states including Assam.
In view of the above it should be understood that the present ‘Embroilment’ of Rengma Nagas and the Karbi’s emanate from the non-fulfillment of the commitment made to the Nagas at the time of creating a separate State of Nagaland.
Hope this will not be considered as cheaply publicity campaign.

By EMN Updated: Jan 11, 2014 11:29:56 pm