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Regional Party Leader

By EMN Updated: Aug 11, 2014 12:09 am

Nagaland is lucky to have Shri. Shurhozelie as one of her leaders. He has continuously and meticulously held to his stand and views. Of so many leaders who have been changing colours for personal gains, Mr.Shurhozelie stands out as a colossus. He is truly a regional leader and has maintained his regionality at all cost.
At the Centre, the hon’ble P.M. Shri. Modi has taken a stance as the leader of the people and it is quite reassuring that he talks in terms of the country as a whole and puts the country above the party.
It is good that NPF maintains a cordial and good working relationship with the central govt. in the interest of all concerned. However, any attempt to install a BJP govt. in Nagaland will be suicidal. The people of Nagaland look forward to Shri. Shurhozelie, who has protected the regional character of NPF ever since, to continue to do so. At no cost the regional colour and stand of the NPF should be compromised for petty gains. And I feel Mr. Shurhozelie can firmly and successfully do it.
Money has played a big role in elections in Nagaland, but very soon, Nagas will understand that they have to choose people who really matter. And in such situation, leaders like Shurhozelie will like the light house.
Naga problem, which is a political problem, has lingered too long and with the change of guard at New Delhi, every one hopes that the talks will reach their logical conclusion. But Nagas will have to stand guard that their interest are well taken care of.

Khohoto Sema
Former president, NPP

By EMN Updated: Aug 11, 2014 12:09:40 am