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Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Pragmatism – The Need of the Hour

By EMN Updated: Oct 18, 2019 11:55 pm

This writer is not many things, and definitely not a political commentator. But the troubling situation in Naga Society today compels one to share a few thoughts amid all the hatred and open challenge to one another and everyone else. A Civil War, of brother against brother, is imminent in our already war-ravaged land.

So much has been said till date and so much of negotiations, even unknown (?), have taken place that Naga Society stands to be divided forever. The battle lines are clearly drawn, frighteningly for a Nagaland State vs. the Others. This was not what our Forebears, who tried to bring the Nagas under one roof, envisaged.

The NSCN (IM) deserves full credit for their sustained parleys of nearly a quarter of a century with the GoI. In the first place, it is their perseverance that brought us to the negotiating table. Hats off to them! The seven (7) NNPGs coming together to form the Working Committee was a great blessing for society and a great morale boost for unity amongst the Nagas. It would have been wonderful if the other few parties left out too could have been coaxed into the negotiations. However, it is probably rather late now, unless the SOLUTION DATE is deferred slightly.

A closer look at much of the negotiations however, which is already in public domain, is quite disturbing. It is quite apparent that each negotiating party, two in the present case (NSCN-IM and NNPG), has its own agenda for the Nagas. It is unfortunate that the VOICES OF SANITY in this mad world have been totally subdued.

Unity of the two negotiating parties is of utmost importance today. Intervention of the Civil Societies and pragmatism on the part of our negotiating leaders is the need of the hour. It is clear that the GoI is ready to ink a solution, with one or the other. However, a one-sided solution will be highly combustible. This might be the antithesis of all solutions, which will destroy Naga Society and Unity forever, never ever to be resurrected again. After all these decades, from the Memorandum of our Forefathers to the Simon Commission, to come to this point of no return will be the greatest tragedy of a people the earth has ever witnessed … Nagas divided forever … an abyss till the end of time.

The two solutions being propagated at the moment are not solutions but the start of a blood-bath, like never before. As was likened a few days earlier by an esteemed writer, even the aftermath of the Shillong Accord will look like a picnic.

It is imperative that the two negotiating entities are united. A common negotiation of a united front will definitely lead to a better alternative than those proposed. But it requires the will of the two negotiators and a positive society. Once the Negotiators are united and a common solution is brought, no matter how small or temporary, we will accept them as our heroes.

After so many decades of blood, sweat, and tears, perhaps we can wait for a few more months, instead of rushing in to undo whatever little has been achieved.

God Bless the Nagas!

Prof. GT Thong

By EMN Updated: Oct 18, 2019 11:55:45 pm
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