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Powerless electricians shocked

By EMN Updated: Jan 14, 2014 11:16 pm


TWO members of Dimapur unit of the All Nagaland Electricity Field Workers’ Association (ANEFWA) were reportedly assaulted by an unruly mob while on duty. They allege their members were shouted and kicked at, as the crowd were angry that the lines were not restored immediately after the load shedding time. They were found ‘guilty’ by the consumers for failing to reconnect the power lines.
The incident occurred on the night of January 9, at around 10:05 p.m. at Chumukedima control room. Besides the assault, the miscreants reportedly destroyed properties belonging to the department.
In a joint press statement the Association president, Talimoa Imchen, and the general secretary, Mego Angami, reported that the incident occurred during the time between re-charging following the load shedding at around 10 p.m. They claimed that the miscreants, who reached the control room within 2-3 minutes, rained down volley of assault upon the staff on duty without understanding the technicalities which involve load shedding.
The Association said re-charging does not take place immediately since the control circuit breakers are to be manually operated requiring a few minutes for the spring inside the circuit breaker to be re-charged.
This is not the first time field electricity workers have faced the ire of the public whether on line/ field or in the control room.
Stating that its members are not a ‘punching pad,’ the Association said it would not remain silent sufferer but take up its own course of action in the event of such incidents in future.

By EMN Updated: Jan 14, 2014 11:16:16 pm