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Friday, June 09, 2023
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Pfutsero Power Blackout

By EMN Updated: Jun 13, 2016 12:44 am

Electricity is the basic necessity. It is indispensible for businessmen, domestic needs, mechanical works , Institutions, Offices, Hospitals, etc. The power fiasco at Pfutsero Sub-Division has shattered all these establishments. It is a major concern which is beyond measures.

Perceiving the power problem of Pfutsero under Phek District which has shut down for a couple of days due to unfortunate breakdown of the Transformer(2.5 MVA), it has traumatized its denizens and surrounding villages. Identifying the hardships and sufferings of the general public, Honorable MLA Neiba Kronu, Administrations, Pfutsero Town Citizen Welfare Forum, Public leaders, and the Power Dept. are doing their best to bring out the solution at different angles at the reasonable span of time. It is high time to cooperate with them who are showing lots of concern for public welfare at their best for the furtherance and welfare of Pfutsero Town. The Kalos Society, Pfutsero share the solidarity and request the public to bear the inconveniences caused by the unfortunate occurrence and cooperate with them.

In the light of the above problems, the Kaslos Society Pfutsero, would like to put forth few appeals before the concern Authority and State Govt. to reflect the undue hardships faced by Pfutsero Citizens.

1. Early installation of new transformer with Higher Capacity perceiving the colossal growth of population and developments at Pfutsero Town and its adjacent villages.

2. The Pfutsero denizens don’t encourage repaired Transformer or replacement with same capacity(2.5 MVA) since it is below the capacity to withstand Pfutsero Sub-Division usage(i.e. 4.2MVA). Because of low capacity transformer, unwelcoming load shading and frequent power shutdown was predominated which the consumers are facing for the last few years. It is obvious that just mere repairing or replacement with same capacity will not suffice and eventually same problem will occur in the near future.

3. It will be plausible if the Dept. could review the non-availability of reserved transformers and make necessary arrangements so that such unprecedented incidents can be handled without any difficulties. It will be resourceful if the Dept. could reserve few Transformers with varied capacities to cater the needs in times of such eventualities.

4. It will be encouraging if the Dept. could keep updating its developments so that miscommunications and confusion will not arise between the Dept. and the Public.

In the statement, the society beseeched the concern authority to retrospect and reflect the undue hardship faced by the publics and bring exceptional solution at the earliest. Prolonging the matter will invite undue consequences for which the concern authority will be solely responsible. It also request the Dept. to be more cautious and futuristic considering the ‘pros and cons’ while handling the matters.

Kalos Society

By EMN Updated: Jun 13, 2016 12:44:57 am