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Our descendants in 2300

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Liba Hopeson

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[dropcap]D[/dropcap]escendants in 2300!!! What a crazy thought? Isn’t it preposterous? You are not even preparing to tie-the-knot? You still don’t know who will be your left hand! Being concerned for your generation or next generation is enough? Now, you should be thinking for conjugal ties and prepare for it? Why do you visualize and worry about how your descendants would be in 2300? Certainly, many more possible questions can be raised, for this kind of imagination may appear ridiculous, Yet, I love it.Throwing ideas about future life is not desired by many because, as they opine, projects the idea of unending life of human on earth, and lead people to think that Jesus will not come very soon. However, it is not my intention to do it. When I read the writings of some great persons who lived before Christ, such as Socrates, Plato and Aristotle, and think of their knowledge and compare with the knowledge of our people, amazement overwhelmed me, for they seemed to be much more profound and intellectual than us. In fact, within a couple of decades, I have seen many changes. However, centuries back westerners are better than us who are living in 21st century.
Not to be pessimistic though, many of our people received formal education only some decades ago. Today, many nations are so advanced that many of us are not even able to precisely decipher how far they have advanced. I’m overwhelmed by seeing all the latest technologies, developments and inventions.
However, as civilizations advanced, I’m appalled – human faith in God has waned considerably. It is quite startling to learn that many citizens in the west confess that they do not follow any religion today, despite the fact that they formed the major Christian population once upon a time. Their knowledge and civilization is at the peak that, they are diabolically trapped in secularism, and sadly, millions are subdued by it.
Through profound scientific knowledge, all the authentic texts of the Bible have become a mere fiction, history and like any other mere human literatures. For many scientists, the mighty miraculous deeds of God recorded in the Bible were, nothing more than the usual natural phenomena, which normally take place throughout the human history.
With deep thoughts and ideas, human beings have put themselves God, and the world has become God. In our context, though the faith and spirituality of the people cannot be measured and clearly known, I believe, majority of them are not shaken by the latest philosophies and ideas propagated by the highly intellectual classes. If my life span will be like Adam or Methuselah, I can see my descendants in 2900, but I won’t. Human life span has become very brief. So, I have imaginations and questions – how will my descendants be in 2300?
At least after nine centuries or so, I believe, even the lifestyle of our descendants will be entirely different. They may become like those are in the first world countries today. And, perhaps, those present advanced countries will have gardens and farms in the other planets. People in that generation may sarcastically say that computer was used in the 21st century. By that time, the best food we have today may not be good enough to feed pigs.
High schools students in 2300 may become much better than the present eminent scientists. Building a simple house may cost millions of rupees. A rule may come that elders must respect the young people. Holy marriage may be a rare phenomenon. Many human beings may even marry animals. People may not use terms such as ‘corruption’ and ‘immorality’.
By 2300 or after, many of our villages may become cities and present cities may become deities. Church may rarely exist. The brilliance and intelligence will be so good that they may be even able to make brain and sell in the market. Even the space in the air may be owned and it may have boundaries for every household. The ideas and philosophies will be extremely deep that, they will be like irrational beings. They may say human beings existed before time and universe created God.

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