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NPCC cries wolf demanding PR: NPF

By EMN Updated: Sep 07, 2013 12:54 am


THE NPF-led DAN has outrightly rejected what it termed the “undemocratic and illogical” demand of the NPCC calling for Central rule in Nagaland,
The NPF in a release issued by its media bureau stated that NPCC continues to remain cut off from the grass roots, and is simply resorting to its old formula of making noise in the form of baseless allegations and making unreasonable demands. The statement of the NPCC once again has exposed its political stand and the party’s dependence on its high command, the release said. Having been rejected by the people time and again, and realizing that its political ideology is unacceptable to the Naga people, the NPCC has once again gone back to its old strategy of falling back on its high command to rescue them from their present state of rejection by the people. The NPCC’s call for President’s rule also vindicates what the NPF has been saying all along, that the Congress leaders in Nagaland have become agents of outsiders against the Naga people’s interests, the release asserted.
Their only hope now is to rule the State through their high command by hoping to impose President’s rule against the will of the people and against the spirit of democracy. “This is why we have constantly maintained that the culture of Congress politics is alien to our culture, as opposed to the NPF for whom the people are the real high command,” the release said.
It further reiterated that the State Government is seized of the situation prevailing in the State, and the overall situation is being constantly monitored very closely with appropriate actions whenever the need arises.
“The fact of the matter is that we are running the government with the active and positive cooperation of the people through civil societies and mass based organisations. In matters concerning grave issues and also in matters of policy, the government has always taken the views of the people through consultations and deliberations. There is no question of the State Government avoiding its responsibility, and the baseless allegation of outsourcing law and order is nothing but political rhetoric.”
It is also clarified that teachers salaries are being paid without any delay but salaries which are directly funded through Central programmes have been delayed since the government is awaiting sanction from the Government of India.
As far as GHSS Mon is concerned, contingency arrangements have been put in place in order to ensure that the normal schedule of students are not disturbed and the academic session is being carried out in a smooth manner. The NPCC seems to be making noise without getting its facts right as all its allegations are empty and do not hold any water. In the face of political desperation, it has found no option but to scamper to its high command with folded hands, the release added.


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