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Notun Bosti road: Lack of equipment hits work

By Our Reporter Updated: Jan 20, 2020 11:58 am
A view of the road under construction near the United Baptist Churches Association North East India (UBCANEI), Notun Bosti in Dimapur, on January 20. (EM Images)

Our Reporter
Dimapur, Jan. 20 (EMN):
It has been almost a year since the road repair work from Notun Bosti to Kermahal via LRC in Dimapur stopped, and there was no sign of activity for months, much to the dismay of the people living in the area and the commuters. However, a source from the Public Works Department (PWD) has informed this newspaper, when inquired, that the repair work on the stretch of road would start soon.

A member of the Notun Bosti Council Dimapur told Eastern Mirror that the council had approached the concerned contractor complaining about the unfinished road repair work, as only metalling had been done and carpeting was long overdue.

“The concerned contractor told us that the company did not have a mixing plant for cement at the moment, so they are taking time,” the member said.

When contacted, a source from PWD informed that the time commissioned to complete the project has been extended till March this year and the road repair work would commence soon.

“Carpeting is left and that will not take more than a week once a plant (concrete mixing plant) is set up,” informed the source.

The source further informed that the concerned firm that oversees the repair works of the road would be borrowing the mixing plant from another company, which is also working on other roads in Dimapur.

“The company with the plant is working on other roads as of now, hence the delay,” added the source while maintaining that the road will be completed by March.

By Our Reporter Updated: Jan 20, 2020 11:58:00 am