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New Waves of Spiritual Sins and Spiritual Corruption

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Ambrose J Chakre

Do not be deceived; God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows. The one who sows to please his sinful nature, from that nature will reap destruction; the one who sows to please the Spirit, from the Spirit will reap eternal life. Galatians 6:7-8

Corruption has a name and she smiles when an evil soul commits himself or herself to fornicate with her. The dictates of what she says and does are as evil as her words and deeds are. She had not been sleeping ever since here fall and her sins keeps multiplying with every second and her lovers’ keeps increasing every minute. Day by day, month by month and year by year her sins increases and so does her money. She hides her sins and herself from saints but reveals herself to sinners to deal with them in the ways of her desires. She loves no truth but shuns the truth and pursues evil. She is not a second wife; neither is she an unfaithful husband; she is what unfaithfulness is and her sins are what her name is. She pretends to be deaf, dumb and lame but she creeps into the hearts of sinners when she is aroused financially, sexually and materially. She seductively poses with sinners who thinks and acts like her. Sinners do not truly love her and she thinks of them as they think of her. A greater evil is what she is and a greater sinner is what we are.The regrets of what we did in the past and the errors of what we may commit in the future are as unpredictable as our past sins were. The truth of the matter is that the corrupted seeds sown in our hearts are the seeds of thorns sown in our mind. There has been less of truth in this generation and there will be more of corruption in the next generation. It is just so awful to see awful sinners crucifying their own sons and daughters by their acts of willful corruption. The evil deeds sinners does today will result in the death of their loved ones even in the future. The sting of the reality is that even the conscience of notorious sinners are not as evil as their evil deeds are. There are sinners who wants to be loved and cared for but the evil acts of their evil ways often becomes a thorn to their own tormented souls. When we view this in the context of the truth, it is sad that numerous individuals, families, tribes and nations are aligned to the infamous accord of corruption. No sinner had ever been redeemed by corruption and none will ever be. The truth is that the sinners who are baptized in corruption will have greater reasons to regret and greater punishments to face in the next death. Corruption is an evil religion and every soul who bows down to the awful lord of corruption will be answerable to the true God on the great day of spiritual judgment.
I reckon the sinners who reads this will be aware in their conscious minds that the explained truths of it will condemn them in the end if the dictates of it are rejected and ignored. A familiar truth I want to proclaim is that whoever fails to receive the gift of grace in this life will receive the curses of hell in the next death. This will certainly offend certain sinners and it is my desire that none of their loved ones will ever be damned to suffer the torments of hell. The dictates of what I speak and write are linked to holiness and it will be a tragedy if anyone is to be cursed by it. The Word clearly reminds us that judgment begins in the family of God and the teachings of these circumcised views are intended at rebuking the sinners of their sins and encouraging the saved sinners to walk towards perfection in the righteous way of holiness ( 1st Peter 4:17 ) ( Titus 2:15 ). This is what force is all about and we shall give our eyes no rest till the evils in evil sinners are forced out. The truth is the truth and every sinner who denies the truth will see no light in the next death. I want you to trust this and the place we now dread (hell) is reserved for sinners and it will be a tragedy if we are still linked to sin. This holy writing will mean more to me when sinners accepts this and it will benefit me more when the ‘loved sinners’ commits no sins and shuns evil. God desires the salvation of every sinner and it will always be our desire to see the salvation of every sinner. Every sin that had been committed in the past should be repeated no more and every truth which had been ignored in the past should be ignored no more. The God who saves and forgives still calls us to return to Him. This is just a moment which cannot be ignored and it will be more feasible to see saved sinners being resurrected to the new lease of life. God died that we may live and we should die to sin that we may live as He lives. The new waves of corruption and sin should be stopped and let the holy waves of God baptize sinners in holiness, in purity and in the truth. Whoever accepts the truth has life and whoever lives by the truth becomes the life. This is just the next step to align yourselves y with us in holiness as we are linked to God in holiness. This is the righteous way of the truth. God loves sinners.

N: B: The word “she” has been used in the context of evil and it is not aimed at any particular gender. The gentle force of this wave will create a new lease of life to sinners who are in need of an atmosphere of holiness. It is in the truth that we are linked and it will be by the truth that we will be saved. The justification of our faith comes by obedience and it is only when we obey that the promised truths will dwell in us. The errors of our past will continue to haunt us if the acts of our sins are still linked to it. The desired result of the desired truth will be established in the hearts of every sinner who are baptized in the truth. This is just a new way of holiness; it is not a new doctrine. The concepts of this intimate force will unleash a new lease of life to all the lovers of it. God loves intimacy and we love it more when you are like that. The way to holiness is this. God loves saints.

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