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NEISSR starts academics with peace discourse

By EMN Updated: Jan 22, 2019 11:23 pm
A session of the NEISSR’s “peace retreat” in progress at the institute in Dimapur. The event was conducted during January 21 and the 22nd, updates on Tuesday informed.

Dimapur, Jan. 22 (EMN): The North East Institute of Social Sciences and Research (NEISSR) started its 2019 academic year with a “peace retreat” and an orientation, which was conducted during January 21 and the 22nd at the institute along the Tajen Ao Road in Dimapur. Seven sessions spread across the two days focused on ‘Mindfulness, spirituality, love, punctuality, integrity, leadership and dialogue,’ a press release from the institute stated on Tuesday.
Dr. Fr. CP Anto, principal of NEISSR took the session on mindfulness. He highlighted the inability of academic educations ‘even among the highly educated in transforming lives,’ by pointing out the ‘human condition infected by corruption, violence, fighting, lack of self control, state of disorder, discontent,’ the updates stated.

“He spoke about the importance of mindfulness which included being constantly aware of one’s action and the direction towards where one is headed. Mindfulness is vital so that one can be transformed and be transforming agents. A culture of mindfulness helps enhance intellectual skills, personal, interpersonal and societal skills,” the press release quoted Anto as having stated.
The session on spirituality was taken up by Fr. John Poji and Meriakthule Chewang. They underscored the importance of self reflection and spirituality as a way of life. Mind, body and spirit are interconnected and they cannot be separated. The students articulated their understanding of spirituality at the end of the session, the updates stated.

Fr. Beni Varghese, principal of St. Joseph’s College in Kohima talked on the topic of love, and the mission of every person to share about God’s love even as one respects people of different faiths, cultures and backgrounds.
“The being of God is love itself -unconditional, unchanging and unending. And in the process of being a reflection of God, a human being can communicate passion, restore relationships and offer in service to others the experience of God’s presence,” the updates stated.

On the second day of the “peace retreat,” the session on punctuality was taken by Sungjemtola Jamir, and Dr. Deben Bachaspatimayum. The students were proactive in the group activity based on Punctuality as they addressed and presented the outcome of the group discussion. They enumerated the challenges to being punctual, contributing factors and practical ways of overcoming the challenges, the updates stated.

Likewise, other resource persons Imnuksungla Pongen and Dr. Amit Das gave talks on leadership and used audio visual media as they engaged the students in active participation during the process, the press release stated.
“Dr. Deben Bachaspatimayum involved the students in an activity that demonstrated the role of dialogue in community and spoke on the importance of dialogue to measure the depth of kindness and unity. Imnuksungla Pongen presented a talk on Integrity prepared by Dr. Fr. CP Anto and highlighted the scope of social work profession,” the press release added.

The event concluded with parallel sessions on professional, individual and group goal setting of the three specializations for the fourth semester students: Youth development, community development and peace and conflict transformation and Introduction to syllabus and curriculum activities for the second
semester students.

By EMN Updated: Jan 22, 2019 11:23:14 pm