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Nagas alone have to solve own problems: Guv

By EMN Updated: Jan 26, 2014 10:55 pm


GOVERNOR Dr Ashwani Kumar maintained that the problems confronting the Nagas can only be resolved by the Nagas through unity and cooperation. He also said peace is an essential ingredient and the most important pre-requisite to achieve progress and prosperity. Addressing a massive crowd after taking the salute and inspecting the parade on the occasion of 65th Republic Day at Civil Secretariat Plaza, Kohima this morning, the Governor asserted that the dawn of a New Year calls for a time to review the achievements of the past and chart out a new course of action for the future.
He observed that though the state of Nagaland has come a long way but it still has tremendous works to be done before it can catch up with the rest of the country and the world. He urged upon the people of Nagaland to continue in their best efforts to bring about lasting peace in the land.
The Governor also talked about the various issues that hit the State during the past year from the stand of the people against illegal taxation to the clash at Mukalimi and the violence erupting between the Karbis and the Rengma Nagas in Karbi Anglong as well as border issues.
He said the emergence of dynamic and spontaneous people’s movement is one such trend that the Naga society and the government need to adapt and convert such movements, facilitated by modern technologies, into instruments of positive change. He said some events during the preceding year indicate that the growing concern of people against fair and unjust activities. He cited the stand of civil society organizations against illegal taxation as one such example and asserted that the government firmly believes that “if we are to progress economically, all legitimate businesses and enterprises will need to be provided protection from threats and illegal demands.”
“The State government is committed to come up to the expectations of the public on this issue,” the Governor said.
He also stated that the government is deeply concerned with the December 21 incident and the subsequent confrontation between the people and an underground faction at Mukalimi. “We deeply regret and mourn the loss of lives and injuries to several people in this incident,” he said.
The Governor said the government is also anguished with the turn of events in Karbi Anglong where violence erupted between the Karbis and Rengma Nagas and condemned the shocking mass killing of people from the two communities. He appealed to both communities to show utmost restraint and refrain from emotional and violent outbursts so that normalcy can be restored in the area.
Underscoring that there is an urgent need to resolve border issues with neighbouring states as the people staying along those borders deserve to live in harmony, Dr Kumar expressed hope that through appointment of mediators by the Supreme Court and formation of BPCCs alongside the efforts of chief ministers all border disputes will be resolved amicable through negotiations.

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