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Nagamese film ‘Gangster’ released amid employment hope call to youth

By Mirror Desk Updated: Nov 19, 2018 12:56 am


From left: Bishu Sarkar, Pukhayi Sumi, Yekitoli Yepthomi, and Ajay Kumar during the release of ‘Gangster’ at the Hotel Acacia, in Dimapur on Nov. 18.

Eastern Mirror Desk
Dimapur, Nov. 18:A Nagamese film, ‘Gangster,’ produced and directed by Ajay Kumar was released by advisor of Food & Civil Supply Pukhayi Sumi, on Nov. 18 in Dimapur. The action movie stars Bishu Sarkar and female star Yekitoli Yepthomi.

The one-hour ten-minute movie will be screened in Dimapur cinema halls on Dec. 12, while it will be screened on Jan. 12, 2018 all over the Northeast region. The gathering at the ceremony was told that director Kumar, who is also the writer of movie, has made a total 53 films in variety of languages.
During the event, Kumar said that in twenty years of his career in film production, there had been no member of the Nagaland Legislative Assembly who released his films. He said that Gangster was his first movie to be released by a legislator. The director told that the film version of Gangster would be released in 175 cinema halls throughout the country in 2019. With his new film released, Kumar assured to produce “better films” in future. He informed that the shooting for ‘Gangster 2’ will begin by December 2018.

In his address to the event, advisor Pukhayi Sumi expressed happiness to have watched and come across many Nagamese films. According to him some of these films are “impressive.”
He was hopeful that ‘Gangster’ would give a “great impression and moral impact” on the Naga people. Sumi also suggested to the crew to make films that portray a ‘good moral background.’

The legislator was of the opinion that there were plenty of opportunities for one to produce good films owing to the Naga community consisting of multiple tribes. However, he lamented that the people are ‘forgetting to keep a healthy community,’ which in turn lead to losing valuable traditions of a community. Referring to Japan’s decency and culturally celebrated personal conduct, he felt that one must inherit and learn those traits.

Also, Sumi encouraged the directors to produce good films which reflect community and bring changes to the society. He was of the view that Hollywood and Bollywood are giving good productions, so also the upcoming directors should be able to bring progressive concepts to change the community.
Also addressing the event was managing director of Pheto Music Association Kashito Kiba. He said that the film industry in Nagaland was still at a ‘nascent stage.’

He was of the view that youngsters should focus on becoming film directors, crew members, and actors instead of targeting only on government jobs.
Kiba felt that the audience tends to have undermining attitudes to Nagamese films. Such kind of mentality should be removed, he advised.
The film industry is a very big industry and one should focus on its potentials and capabilities rather than brushing it off as some a “cheap” industry, he reminded. Kiba plans to work with director Kumar in the future as well as develop collaborations with industries outside the state.

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