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Nagaland’s weak government blamed for State’s ailments

By EMN Updated: Mar 27, 2015 11:19 pm

• Ghost of Dec 2000 bus explosion in Wokha returns
• ‘We want a Govt we can be proud of’
• Youths to Govt: If you can’t lead, make way for the new Nagas
• ‘Visionless, selfish and corrupt politicians ruling Nagaland’
• Govt’s Inability to handle deterioration noted
• ‘How can we trust this government’
• Demand for CBI probe into Wokha’s myriad bomb cases

Dimapur, March 27

Reflecting the long-pent frustration of the public at the years of government incompetence in Nagaland, community groups in Wokha district on Friday reminded that the state’s population now wants to have a government ‘we can be proud of.’
In a scathing attack against the current incompetence being demonstrated by the government leaders and agencies in handling the spiraling deterioration in Nagaland, youth communities in Wokha have asked the policymakers to ‘make way for the new, impartial, and visionary Nagas’ if the current government cannot do anything as usual.
The leaderships of various Kyong Naga youth organizations issued strongly-worded statements on March 27, slamming the incompetence of the policymakers and administrative agencies. The Lotha Pressure group of Wokha district on Saturday issued a scathing statement implying that the government whoever was in power to leave their job if they cannot do it.

Wokha: Ravaged by bomb blasts

The Lotha Pressure Group vehemently denounced the unprecedented surge in criminal activities and social upheavals that the state had begun experiencing for some time now. Mention may be made here that so far the state government has yet to get a grip even on itself while the outraged public continue to seethe with rage.
Citing the instances, the organization pointed to yesterday’s deadly explosion in Wokha town that was perpetrated by unknown “irrational and unscrupulous characters.” On March 26 an explosion occurred in a Naga-owned grocery shop in Wokha town’s PWD colony. The group has demanded that the government “explore all possibilities and unearth the intention of the antisocial at the earliest time possible.”
Likewise, the organization stated, even to this day the government and its agencies have miserably failed in bringing any result in regard to the explosion that ripped apart a public passenger bus years ago- the December 18, 2000 that killed four people and left a dozen critically injured between Kohima and Wokha.
“The 2nd bomb explosion that killed many and scores injured rendering many homeless on 24th February 2015 and in the process of getting the dust settled, the 3rd bomb explosion have been carried where many have been injured,” the enraged organization stated.
“With all these happenings how can the public trust the state government for either public safety or any result oriented investigation? Therefore, the group supports the voice of the Lotha frontal organizations and the Lotha public demanding for a CBI probe into all of these anti social incidents,” the Loth Pressure Group stated.
‘Nagaland ruled by aimless, corrupt politicians’
“If the government under whosever leadership it may be cannot bring any solution it must give chance to the impartial, selfless young, visionary and contemporary generation to exercise its abilities in building up a truthful and strong nation so that Nagas may live in peace and compete with the rest of the world in all fronts,” the community group stated in no uncertain terms.
“As of the present, how can Nagas prosper, grow, compete, be secure and be happy when we are being ruled over by visionless, selfish and corrupt politicians,” the organization wondered,
For the people to begin trusting the government and its agencies again, the organization challenged the by saying that it “has to bring satisfactory result and show it to the people because being in a democratic country the government is for the people, by the people, and of the people.’
“We Nagas want a government that we can be proud of,” the Lotha Pressure Group reminded the government.
In another statement, the Zuvotong Colony Union of Wokha town had flayed the criminal act of unknown persons who set off a crude bomb in a locally-owned grocery shop in PWD colony of Wokha on March 26. The explosion injured four persons. The union termed the act “a beastly act” and one that showed no concern and respect for humanity.
The union has asked the district administration and law enforcing agencies to hunt down the perpetrators at the earliest. The union has wished the injured speedy recovery.

By EMN Updated: Mar 27, 2015 11:19:20 pm