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Sunday, July 21, 2024
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Nagaland Police receive new fleet, tech upgrade

By Purnungba Longkumer Updated: Jul 04, 2024 9:18 pm
Nagaland Police
Neiphiu Rio, Y Patton and other officials during the flag off event at Chümoukidema Police Complex on Thursday. (EM Images)

DIMAPUR — In a move set to bolster law enforcement and enhance public safety, the Nagaland Police received a significant upgrade to their fleet and investigative capabilities on Thursday.

Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio, alongside Deputy Chief Minister Y Patton and other officials, flagged off a contingent of new vehicles, including 35 Boleros, 100 bikes, and two Mobile Forensic Investigation Vans (MFVs), at the Chümoukidema Police Complex.

Rio said that these new vehicles will address the evolving security needs of the state, particularly in urban centres like Dimapur, which have experienced rapid economic growth alongside a rise in crime.

The chief minister noted the significant economic progress in Nagaland, citing growth in private enterprises and rapid development in urban areas such as Dimapur, Chümoukedima, Kohima, and major towns like Mokokchung, Mon, and Tuensang. However, this economic growth has been accompanied by a rise in crime, particularly impacting the business community, he said. Dimapur, the state’s economic hub, is a prime example where extortion, illegal taxation, and other criminal activities have become prevalent, he added.

Attributing the rise in crime, in part, to Dimapur’s proximity to the Assam border, which poses challenges in controlling the movement of people, including criminal elements, he stressed that effectively tackling crime in Dimapur, as the state’s economic hub, would have a ripple effect on improving safety throughout the state.

To achieve this, Rio emphasised the need for the police force to augment itself with the latest technology and to adopt proactive policies and strategies to combat anti-social elements and criminal activity, particularly in urban areas.

Further, the chief minister commended the state police force for their steadfast commitment to duty, particularly their efforts in combating drug trafficking, arms smuggling, and other illegal activities. He highlighted their successful track record in seizing large quantities of contraband and rescuing kidnapping victims, particularly amidst the state government’s ongoing “war on drugs”, alongside daily policing initiatives.

He lauded the dedication of police officers at all levels, from the Director General of Police to those serving on the frontlines, acknowledging the personal risks they face while safeguarding the community.

Turning his attention to the new Mobile Forensic Investigation Vans, Rio said that the ‘cutting-edge’ fleet would strengthen the state’s investigative capacity and they will enable on-site forensic investigations, expediting the process.

He reiterated the government’s unwavering support for the police force, stating that the administration and policing is the backbone of the government. He urged the public to actively participate in maintaining law and order by cooperating with the police, reporting crimes, and fostering a supportive environment for their work.

He went on to say that Dimapur is like a miniature of India with a diverse populace. This diversity, while enriching, also presents opportunities for illegal activities, making Dimapur a top priority for law enforcement, he asserted.

The chief minister also stressed the importance of transparency and diligence in policing, reminding officers that public trust, while easily eroded by mistakes, is crucial for effective law enforcement. He urged the police to prioritise building and maintaining this trust through open communication and accountability.

Well-equipped police force an urgent need

Deputy CM, Y Patton emphasised that the addition of new vehicles represents more than just a fleet upgrade. It signifies the government’s unwavering commitment to ensuring the safety and security of all citizens.

Patton acknowledged the evolving landscape of crime, noting that new methods of criminal activity are constantly emerging, placing significant pressure on law enforcement. The new vehicles, he explained, will significantly bolster police mobility, enable faster response times, wider reach, and more effective patrolling.

A well-equipped police force is not just a necessity but an urgent need in densely populated cities like Dimapur, with its unique set of challenges, he said.

Furthermore, Patton underscored that community involvement remains a cornerstone in effective policing, urging citizens to continue their partnership with law enforcement.

Equipping the police force goes beyond providing vehicles and equipment, he said, adding that it requires ongoing training, sufficient resources, and a supportive environment. These are all crucial elements the government is dedicated to providing to ensure that the Nagaland Police remains among the best in the nation, he maintained.

While acknowledging potential challenges ahead, Patton expressed confidence that through determination, collaboration, and steadfast commitment, the state can overcome any obstacle to safety and security.

Along with the CM and Patton, advisor for Tribal Affairs and Election, H Tovihoto Ayemi, DGP Rupin Sharma and other officials were present at the flag off event.

By Purnungba Longkumer Updated: Jul 04, 2024 9:18:41 pm
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