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Nagaland: NMA urges governor to expedite Indo-Naga political issue

By EMN Updated: Jul 25, 2020 12:35 am

Dimapur, July 24 (EMN): Naga Mothers’ Association (NMA) has sought the intervention of the Nagaland Governor, RN Ravi, who is also the interlocutor for the Naga peace talk, to expedite the process in order to bring about an early solution which is honourable and acceptable to all concerned.

NMA, in a statement issued on Friday, has drawn the attention of the governor on issues pertaining to extension of Armed Forces Special Powers Act (Afspa) and the Disturbed Area Act (DAA) as well as on the recent killings of six Naga youth in Arunachal Pradesh.

NMA, in its executive meeting held on July 9, expressed serious concern on the issues raised by the governor in his letter to the chief minister particularly on ‘armed gangs.’ NMA has urged upon the governor to reflect on mutual understanding as agreed upon among the different Nag political groups.

“The ceasefire monitoring group stands as a testament that there are ground rules if any violations have taken place and action thereof. Unless there is mutual respect and an honest will, devoid of biasness, we may not see sustainable peace in the days ahead. Peace must be inclusive of all NPGs to bring about a just peace and a settlement for all Nagas,” NMA’s statement read.

NMA has also urged the governor to solve the problem without ‘denigrating our years of struggle into a problem of law and order.’ It affirmed that the state of Nagaland, since the successive ceasefires by different NPGs and ongoing dialogues, is peaceful and set an ideal opportunity for the settlement of the Naga political issue.

The NMA has raised deep concern over the state government’s latest order of government servants to declare relationships with any NPG cadres, saying the said order was ‘bereft of historical understanding.’ It reminded that the Naga struggle began with a male volunteer from every Naga family to join the movement.

“Till today this exist in many Naga villages and families, whether with or without the active consent of family members. Families of pro-government have been ostracised for generations because of the effect of killings and sufferings and killings of thousands who volunteered,” NMA stated. It also reminded the Naga reality should be understood till a settlement of the Naga political issue is realised.

“The state must revoke this order and form and instill trust and confidence on its public servants,” NMA affirmed.

NMA felt that unless there is strict accountability and action, the future looks bleak for the upcoming generation. It expressed confidence that the governor would fulfil his constitutional obligation in the larger interest of the public.

NMA went on to add that many public interest litigations (PIL) on corruption, healthcare facilities, Angawadi centres, and maternal deaths have been filed in courts, including one filed against the police delay in investigation and corruption in the Supreme Court by two of its members.

The NMA has supported any action that sought to bring about accountability in governance systems in the state. It further iterated that the Lokayukta Act needed to be revisited with more powers.

NMA has also sought the intervention of the state governor on the issue pertaining to the extension of the DAA as well as Afspa in Nagaland. It recounted how, as a mother, they had to confront violent militarisation, killings, and bloodshed.

Stating that peace cannot come through the barrel of the guns anymore, NMA has urged to repeal Afspa.

Meanwhile, NMA has expressed grief over the killings of six members of the Naga army by the combined team of the Indian army, Assam Rifles and Arunachal Pradesh police personnel on July 11.

By EMN Updated: Jul 25, 2020 12:35:18 am