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Nagaland: Leopard caught on camera but still on prowl

By EMN Updated: Sep 26, 2019 1:18 am

Wildlife warden issues advisory for people in Purana Bazaar‘B’ area

Eastern Mirror Desk

Dimapur, Sep. 25: The leopard that has been on the prowl in Purana Bazaar ‘B’ area for the past one week has not been caught yet and is lurking in a private farmland surrounded by fisheries, wildlife warden of Dimapur, Tokaho Kinimi told Eastern Mirror on Wednesday. He said human interference is strictly prohibited for the time being as it would scare the big cat and make the efforts of capturing it more difficult.

“This is like a waiting game now, and we have instructed the chairman of the village to make the public aware of the situation and notify them that human movement is best not allowed at this point of time,” said Kinimi.

The wildlife warden further informed that images of the leopard have been captured by the camera traps set up last week, and it looked like the big cat was familiar with the area. He added that they found after interrogating the villagers that livestock had been going missing in the village for the last one year but the people suspected miscreants and thieves. This, he said, is probably because the leopard has been in the area before killing the goats.

“The operation is still going on and we would like the public to cooperate till the animal is captured safely,” requested Kinimi.

The wildlife warden has also issued an advisory calling for greater vigilance from the general public besides suggesting the following measures to avoid any untoward incident:

  • To avoid venturing out into the nearby forest area/secluded areas or traveling alone, especially after sunset. Movement, if unavoidable, should be in groups and with adequately bright torches.
  • To keep livestock secure in robust enclosures at night and to immediately reported to the department in case of unusual disappearance of livestock.
  • To keep the surroundings devoid of garbage, as this attracts feral dogs and other livestock, which in turn attracts wild animals. The focus should be on better garbage disposal and sanitation.
  • To keep one’s immediate surrounding areas clear of thick grasses and bushes.
  • To keep one’s resident areas well-lit at night.
  • To avoid paying heed to rumours and avoid rumour-mongering, especially on social media.
  • To keep a vigil and avoid approaching or provoking wild animal if sighted, but immediately report to wildlife authorities.

While stating that the department is aware of the issue and taking all necessary steps, it has sought the cooperation and support of the general public to help tackle the issue.

By EMN Updated: Sep 26, 2019 1:18:59 am