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Nagaland legal adviser should be removed: BJP

By EMN Updated: Oct 29, 2014 6:59 pm

The BJP has threatened that unless the State government amends its ways of running the coalition government, the party would walk out of DAN III government


The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Nagaland unit has demanded the State government to immediately sack R. Kothandaraman as Nagaland State Legal Adviser with immediate effect.
Stating that a person with dubious character should not hold a high office and should not represent the State government in any level, the State BJP media cell in a press release said, adding that such development brings awful image to the State and also reflects the state of affair in the State especially in the government.
“It is unfortunate that such a person with immature character is advising the State government especially at this time when the State government is undergoing and facing a harsh reality,” the BJP said and questioned the NPF led government for taking his advices in running the government.
The State BJP then said the legal adviser as a senior officer was fully aware of the requirement of the law but deliberately went against by concealing the fact forcing the court to impose a hefty fine on him.
The BJP, Nagaland unit further said that such a person with senior position in the important legislative department, displaying scant regard towards established legal principles which it said was unfortunate and uncalled for.
Demanding immediate dismissal of the State legal adviser from the present NPF led government, the BJP stated that the credibility of the government advised by such a person was questionable and asked what goods could be delivered to the people by the NPF led government. The media cell of the BJP further added that R. Kothandaraman has misled the government and the people of the state on various occasions and that he should not continue in the office.
As reported in the media including in national media, R. Kothandaraman assisted the government in the disqualification of the three BJP MLAs against the norms set in the 10th Scheduled of the Anti Deflection law and further assisted the government for framing the rules and guidelines in the State government’s attempts to exploit the oil and natural gas resource in the state, BJP said.
“The decisions and modalities made by the State government have run into serious controversy with various sections of the society,” the BJP, Nagaland unit stated.
Reiterating on the earlier statement of BJP State Unit president Dr. Chuba Ao, the BJP media cell said that unless the State government amends its ways of running the coalition government in the State, the BJP would not have other option but to walk out of the present DAN III government.

By EMN Updated: Oct 29, 2014 6:59:36 pm