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Nagaland badminton championship concludes

By EMN Updated: Sep 08, 2019 9:58 pm

Dimapur, Sep. 8 (EMN): The five-day long Yonex Sunrise 43rd Inter District and State Open Badminton Championship 2019, under the aegis of Nagaland Badminton Association and hosted by Zunheboto District Badminton Association which began on September 3 concluded on September 8 in Zunheboto.


Senior Team Championship

Winner: Nagaland Police

Runners-up: Dimapur

Junior Team Championship

Winner: Dimapur

Runners-up: Zunheboto

Open categories

Men singles:

Winner: H Leihong Konyak (Mon)

Runner-up: Riku Khape (Dmp)

Men doubles:

Winner: Joseph Sumi and Raju Chetri (Nagaland Police)

Runners-up: Dolen and Hito (Nagaland Police)

Women singles:

Winner: Bendangnaro (Nagaland Police)

Runner-up: Mepulila (Mkg)

Women doubles:

Winner: Ekumyala and Uma Tamang (Nagaland Police)

Runners-up: Bendangnaro and Imlirenla (Nagaland Police)

Junior boys’ singles U-19:

Winner: Peramrisi Zeliang (Dmp)

Runner-up: Kilangkumba (Mkg)

Junior boy’s doubles U-19:

Winner: Kilangkumba and Vikehietuo Kense (Mkg)

Runners-up: Lothu Akiu and Peramrisi Zeliang (Dmp)

Junior girls’ singles U-19:

Winner: Unice (Mon)

Runner-up: Imnuksungla (Mkg)

Junior boys’ singles U-17:

Winner: Ruvizo (Phek)

Runner-up: Imtitong Imchen (Mkg)

Junior boy’s doubles U-17:

Winner: Lungningpeu and Rangsunglakpe (Peren)

Runners-up: Wapang Imchen and Yatish Kumar Chaurasia (Dmp)

Junior girls’ singles U-17:

Winner: Toli V (Zbto)

Runner-up: Hekali (Zbto)

Junior girls’ doubles U-17:

Winner: Hekali and Toli V (Zbto)

Runners-up: Dzüziengunuo Linyü and Nguluonuo (Kma)

Junior boys’ singles U-15:

Winner: Renchamo Yanthan (Kma)

Runner-up: Nchatu Herie (Peren)

Junior boy’s doubles U-15:

Winner: Limasunep and Wapangmeren Jamir (Mkg)

Runners-up: Kimiyeto Assumi and Renchamo Yanthan (Kma)

Junior girls’ singles U-15:

Winner: Sunepbenla Imchen (Mkg)

Runner-up: Watisangla (Mkg)

Junior girls’ doubles U-15:

Winner: Arenchila and Sunepbenla Imchen (Mkg)

Runners-up: Watisangla and Yalimenla  (Mkg)

Junior boys’ singles U-13:

Winner: Esibe (Peren)

Runner-up: Yatsak (Mon)

Junior boy’s doubles U-13:

Winner: Kibangheu and Methiuthun (Peren)

Runners-up: Esibe and Keyimbeuchu (Peren)

Junior girls’ singles U-13:

Winner: Imlikumla (Mkg)

Runner-up: Repatula (Mkg)

Junior girls’ doubles U-13:

Winner: Imlikumla and Repatula (Mkg)

Runners-up: Imsusenla and Temjennaro (Mkg)

Junior boys’ singles U-11:

Winner: Irangsappe (Peren)

Runner-up: Heloka (Dmp)

Junior girls’ singles U-11:

Winner: Imsusenla (Mkg)

Runner-up: Ponlih (Mon)

Junior boys’ singles U-9:

Winner: Heloka (Dmp)

Runner-up: Baushen C Phom (Longleng)

Junior girls’ singles U-9:

Winner: Yalemjungla (Mkg)

Runner-up: Livau Ong (Longleng)

Veteran 35+ men doubles:

Winner: Joseph Sumi and Raju Chetri (Nagaland Police)

Runners-up: Tajenkaba and Moatemjen (Nagaland Police)

Veteran 40+ men doubles:

Winner: Bendangnochet and Imosanen (Mkg)

Runners-up: Kekhruzulo Ritse and Kelhikha Kenye (Phek)

Veteran 45+ men doubles:

Winner: Dr Watizulu and Er Wati (Dmp)

Runners-up: Bendangnochet and Sungjemmenba (Mkg)

Veteran 50+ men doubles:

Winner: I Temjen and N. Wati (Kma)

Runners-up: Er. Wati and Nadu (Dmp)




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