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Naga society needs renaissance in social life: TR Zeliang

By EMN Updated: Oct 26, 2013 11:17 pm

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TO ensure equitable growth corresponding to modern civilization, Minister for Planning and Coordination, Evaluation, Geology and Mining, TR Zeliang has called for renaissance in the social and economic life of the Naga society. He also mooted formulation of a common Naga language and customary law for maintaining communal peace and harmony.Addressing the Rongmei community on the occasion of platinum jubilee celebration of Ragailong Colony here this morning, TR Zeliang said quality education and economic prosperity are prerequisites for social advancement in this modern era. To accomplish the mark, he urged the Nagas to conserve cultural values of our forefathers in its right perspective.
Stating that Naga civilization has not attained 200 years as compared to other civilizations of the world, the Minister said acquiring quality education can put us on the road to keep pace with the fast modern civilization.
“Embrace those cultural values which are good and shun which are bad for the society,” the Minister said adding promoting those values will help maintain our identity and reflect to the world.
He also said all Naga tribal customary laws are similar in nature. So, he sees no reason why Nagas will not be able to formulate a common customary law. He said formulation of a common customary law can regulate and reduce huge economic loss incurred in the Indian courts over petty domestic cases. Likewise, the Minister mooted a common Naga language which according to him could narrow down communal barriers and development atmosphere for peace and harmony in Naga society.
He said these special powers have been conferred on the Nagas in the Indian Constitution under Article 371(A). Stating that no other States in India have been granted this status, he said under this provision, Nagas have been granted complete control over their land and resources.
He asked whether Nagas should continue to seek assistance from the Central government or explore and exploit the resources granted in the provisions for our sustainability without depending on the other states.
On the occasion, the minister called upon the community to adopt a resolution thereby making every individual mandatory to work and earn their livelihood in order to make ourselves self-reliant.
Also addressing the gathering, the guest of honour and Parliamentary Secretary Tovihoto Ayemi has called upon the community to acknowledge pioneers of the colony, saying by doing so we can add special meaning to the occasion and invoke blessings on ourselves.
While stating that great challenges lay ahead in the guise of tribalism, Tovihoto has called upon the tribal leaders to seek peace and harmony. “We can overcome it only when we embrace pragmatism and imbibe good sense to prevail among us,” he stressed.
Also acknowledging the rich culture, traditions and customary practice of the Rongmei tribe, Tovihoto has urged the leaders to join hands and put sincere efforts to usher in peace and harmony in the Naga society.
Presentations of traditional folksongs and dances added colours to the celebration.

By EMN Updated: Oct 26, 2013 11:17:10 pm