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Naga social perspective in view

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[dropcap]P[/dropcap]salm 133: 1. Behold how ugly and how unpleasant it is for the Naga brethren to dwell together in disunity. It is like the flood of Brahmaputra running down the valley of Naga Assam causing the blessing of self-destruction upon the land and themselves. It is like the wind of Bangladesh that uproots thousands of dwelling houses claiming hundreds of lives. Nagas are enjoying the curse of God as blessings in disguise. The wrong is taken to be right and right wrong. Nagas lack one big thing, sense of HUMANITY. Culture of Christianity is not practiced only professed. Culture of tolerance is over-ruled by fashion of impatient. Anger and hatred against each other are manifested in the cruel behavior and short tempered way of saying and acting in home, street, work places and public places. Nagas take pride in getting angry, fighting and using abusive languages. Nagas generally practices faultfinding, putting each other down, practice nepotism, sectionalism, tribalism and partism. These are the negative lots of the Naga society at large. Many positive aspects and qualities are embedded in the Nature of the Nagas but not practiced as a culture.I am urged to speak up the truth of what and how we Nagas can do and must live for. I feel sharply, a spirit of discernment urging me to spell out the wrong and warn like a prophet of old in the modern fashion (laugh). The spirit burden me to speak to the Naga people what will soon come to pass and what must be done in such a time as this. Before I spell out my view, I must be honest to check out myself; Am I Prideful, boastful, selfish, acting good, smart? or working for recognition, praise or earthly material reward? Denouncing all these, I am writing this article in the spirit of love with a sense of social responsibility and moral obligation as a Naga.
I have this straight message to share: We Nagas are too narrowed down to tribalism so much that we lost sight of our National sentiment and the importance of living together as a people seem a distant thing. What is wrong with the Nagas? Conscience deadened? Human compassion bankrupted? Wisdom and love drained dry? Humane thinking distorted? Covetousness and cruelty attitude or mood takes the place of humane rationality and moral culture of life? No matter who we were and where have we been in the past, we can change, we can progress and prosper as a people in our own land if we seek first the Kingdom (within) and His (Christ’s) righteousness and not our self-righteousness, then all the goodness and blessings of prosperity as a people shall naturally be added unto us. Mathew 6:33. Repentance is admitting the wrong done and deciding not to do it again. It is call self reconciliation. Social reconciliation begins from self to society. The spirit of reconciling can melt the hearts of stones of those who don’t like us.
I observed that, Nagas pray wrong, expect wrong, think wrong and do things wrong. The truth is that, God’s blessing is already available in us, we need not pray for blessing, not for healing but for wisdom and understanding how to utilize and develop or activate the blessing or healing given us of God. Many Naga Christians are needlessly shouting with repetition and loud vocal “praise the Lord”, “Halleluiah” many times. Sounds religious but only emotional and a noise. For Nagas prayer is not devotional or meditational, its begging, complaining, demanding and never listening and never thinking of what God is willing to and giving us. After Prayer, forget all. With the act and sound of religion, many judges, condemns and criticizes the sinners around them, faultfinding, gossiping and denouncing the falling, failing and broken neighbors. “When you pray, do not use vain repetitions as the heathen do”- Matthew 6:7.
We tend to reject others easily, just for a silly matter or for petty inconveniences. Nagas have great misunderstandings. Great rejecting mentality, great destructive attitude. With these, Nagas are suffering. Many Nagas don’t play moral politics, lasting politics, or ethical politics. They are the spoiler politicians. Reasoned that, We have Naga Govt. in the state. Instead of strengthening we weaken it by throwing all garbages as if Govt of Nagaland is the dustbin of humane wickedness and failings. We have social organizations; each tribal Hohos but overlooked and disrespectfully treated even by individuals. We have Common Naga Hoho organization for the whole Naga tribal families but weakened, made paralyzed and ignored throwing all failures of the people on it and left condemned. We have Naga Mothers’ Association but left branded as extremist feminist organization, below men’s authority and second classed it. Their moral call for peace, harmony, love and understanding are left unheard, unpaid and dejecting them at the face. We have Naga National Govt. left dishonored and cornered as underground military forces to threaten the over-ground Naga publics. With these mentality and attitude, many factions and organizations appeared and formed but practically only to further destroy the society. Those involved may think that they are doing something good. What a waste. What if who frown and fume with criticism, faultfinding’s and complainers were put in the place of responsibility, like the Govt of Nagaland, Naga Hoho, NMA or Tribal Hohos etc? Can they do better or lead the people a right? God knows and don’t put them or choose them. As a human person under God’s ruling, we all must learn to obey, tolerate, respect and support the authority above us. Opposing the Govt. or people’s Apex authority is no good way to correct and bring development and prosperity to the people and land. “Ask not what your country can do for you but ask what you can do for the country”.-J.F. Kennedy’s message can and must still be the voice, the understanding and the role of the Naga individuals and people at home and out of home.
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