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Naga People as a Whole Must Stand Firm

By EMN Updated: May 15, 2021 10:50 pm

Speech of Yilow Himstoe The acting President of the Naga National Council

Dear Naga people,
We the Naga National Council on this occasion greet all the Naga people in the Homeland and abroad as we observe and remember our 70th National day anniversary. This democratic right of the Naga people was officially conducted by the NNC by informing the Government of India in advance and also by requesting it to send its representatives to Nagaland to observe and witness the holding of Naga plebiscite vide NNC letters dated March 30th and April 11 1951. The result of the Plebiscite finally tabulated was 99.9 percent that voted for a sovereign independent Naga state. This democratic right of the Naga people was and is very well known to the Government of India and also known to the world, and hence cannot be denied nor dismissed by anyone as this is the truth. This is the Naga people’s right of truth for the freedom of sovereignty.

The NNC on this occasion remember and salute all the Naga martyrs who sacrificed for this right of truth for a sovereign state of Nagaland.

May the national workers and the people continue to stand and fight for the achievement of our right of sovereignty unitedly as this is our desired goal and what we stand for.

The NNC at this severe crisis of pandemic appeal to all the Nagas and the North East Christian Community to stand unitedly and constantly pray to our Living God to defeat and eradicate this dangerous virus prevailing all over the world. May this time renew our faith in God Almighty and a time where we can resubmit ourselves and draw closer to Him.

The NNC is concerned and watchful as the democratic movement in Burma gets more intense and deadly. However, the people and the ethic nationality of Kachin, Karen, Shan, Nagas etc are gaining ground for their rights of freedom and we welcome the political support extended by democratic nations like United Nations, European Union, USA, etc. for the right of the people for democracy.

The Naga people as a whole must stand firm on this political matter of democratic rights for freedom, this is the right time for Eastern Nagas to exert their right for freedom of nationality as a people and nation in the interest of the whole Naga people.

The NNC also look forward and appeal to the democratic nations of the South East Asian governments to openly support the political rights of the Burmese people as they have been suffering immensely in the hands of their military for the last many years and this is the right time to overcome the military janta’s brute force of domination.

The Government of India being the largest democracy in the world should and must politically support the democratic movement of the Burmese people for their freedom of democracy.

The Naga people of Western region at this political crisis in Burma must stand firmly for the right of freedom of the down trodden Naga Eastern people. May God Almighty bless Naga people.

Yilow Humtsoe
Acting President
Naga National Council (Parent Body)

By EMN Updated: May 15, 2021 10:50:25 pm