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Mysterious ‘Miss Santa’ spreads warmth amid gloom in Nagaland

By Our Reporter Updated: Dec 02, 2020 5:37 pm
Gift box left by mysterious ‘Miss Santa’ in Mokokchung town.

Our Reporter
Dimapur, Dec. 2 (EMN): Christmas may be still weeks away but its spirit in the air in Nagaland’s Mokokchung town as a mysterious “Miss Santa” has come to town, leaving gift boxes at various locations for children to pick.

This act of love has created waves as people have taken to various social media platforms like “I Love Mokokchung” Facebook page to share pictures of chocolate boxes and sweets wrapped neatly along with a piece of note, being left at the doorstep by the mysterious woman.

A parent of a child, who received the gift, informed Eastern Mirror that a box of chocolates and sweets wrapped with a note was found at their doorstep on Tuesday morning.

“I was surprised at first but then after reading the note I felt so overwhelmed with emotion at this kind gesture; I knew I had to share the story of Christmas to my children that day,” said the parent who did not wish to be named.

“My dear child and friend, it’s me Miss Santa. I hope you are doing well and keeping safe. 2020 had been a difficult year for all of us. However, you have been a good child, helping and obeying your parents/teachers/siblings throughout these few months. Due to pandemic I cannot visit you but I am sending you a small gift. Study hard, be a good child, be kind to others, keep yourself clean and obey your parents.

Gift box left by mysterious ‘Miss Santa’ in Mokokchung town.

“Pray to God always Okay! If God willing maybe I’ll try to come and have a conversation with you next Christmas. Please always keep up the good works. Good works bring good rewards and it makes Heavenly Father happy. Enjoy the holidays and remember to wear mask and not forgetting to wash your hands. Never forget to pray. Wishing you & your family merry Christmas and a blessed new year! Love Miss Santa, Mokokchung,” the note read.

“This is what Christmas is all about; not only for me and my children but to everyone who just reads this and feels the true spirit of giving especially during these trying times,” said the parent.

By Our Reporter Updated: Dec 02, 2020 5:37:13 pm