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Mothers Are of God

By EMN Updated: May 12, 2018 11:04 pm

Mothers day is the world best celebration day for me.On this day we take out time for our tierd and hard working mothers by presenting gifts and…

For me,mothers are all love and love.They are of God and God.They are God best masterpiece.If you want to see true and Godly love than please go to your mothers. While other love are fake and weightless.

The great Napoleon had said,” give me a good mothers and i shall give you a great nation”.O what a true powerful words! All great person like Einstein,Bill Gates,Mahatma Gandhi ,Modi and even our God Jesus were nurtured by mothers. Without mom,they will never set their marks.

Mothers are like our Mary and Ruth of Bibles.They are making our children lovely , wounderful and prosperous by their love and sacrifice.All the great scientist,Dr,writers ,singers ,preachers and… that we have in this world are due to mothers.

I have seen a 90 years old mothers working hard for her drunkard and notorious children. What a tragedy? Unbiblical children!

We cant repay our mothers by our good deeds and accolade.Why? They are of God.Let us try to be their worthy gold and diamond. Let us not be that foolish Samson , egoistic Nebuchadenezzar or delvishJezebel to our mom.

For me,if i have a mothers than i donot any gold or status or wife or … not kidding.

So its mothers day. What will you do for her?

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R.K.Krishta Luke

By EMN Updated: May 12, 2018 11:04:17 pm
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