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Margot Robbie confused Prince Harry for Ed Sheeran

By Agencies Updated: Jun 14, 2016 11:41 pm

ACTRESS Margot Robbie has admitted she confused Prince Harry for singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran during a party.
Robbie ended up in a photo-booth with Prince Harry and her celebrity friends Sienna Miller, Cara Delevingne and Suki Waterhouse, but at the time, the “Focus” actress was unaware of who he was, reports
“Everyone now thinks if they come on a night out with me in London they will bump into Prince Harry,” Robbie told The Sun newspaper. “But I didn’t even know who he was. I would have a drink or drinks. I thought I was hanging out with Ed Sheeran. I was thinking ‘Ed’s a really cool guy’. I’m going to take some pictures with him,” she added.
Asked if Prince Harry took the mix-up well, the 25-year-old actress said: “Nope.”
Meanwhile, Robbie also admitted she relished working on her new movie “The Legend of Tarzan” because, for once, the focus was on her male co-star Alexander Skarsgard, rather than herself.
“I drank so much beer. I was revelling in the fact I could eat whatever I wanted and he couldn’t. When I first saw Alex’s body, my jaw was on the floor with everyone else. He worked so hard,” she quipped.

By Agencies Updated: Jun 14, 2016 11:41:51 pm
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