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‘Make Swachh Bharat a lifestyle, not event’

By EMN Updated: Oct 19, 2016 12:34 am

Dimapur, October 18 : The governor of Nagaland, PB Acharya, has asked the people of Nagaland to view the sanitation campaign, the Swachh Baharat, as a lifestyle, a movement, but not an event.

He feels the Swatch Bharat has to be a movement and not an event, stated a DIPR report that offered update on Tuesday about the governor’s speech at an event on October 18. He addressed a meeting to review the Swatch Bharat campaign in Dimapur in Chumukedima today.
Acharya said if the idea of Swatch Bharat percolates down to every individual, India would prosper. Appreciating the response shown by civil society, the governor expressed gratitude to them for making the programme “a grand success in Nagaland especially Dimapur.”

“There is no limit for helping the Swatch Bharat Abhiyan”, the report quoted him as having stated.

The governor also lauded the Nagaland Bamboo Mission for constructing bamboo toilets in several schools and wards. PB Acharya appealed to the people ‘for change’ of mindset to make Nagaland and India prosperous.

Geoffrey Yaden, the senior editor of local daily, the Nagaland Post, who is also a brand ambassador of the Swatch Bharat for Dimapur, “enlightened” the governor on the various activities being undertaken by the Dimapur District Swatch Bharat members, the report stated.

Yaden is said to have observed that Swatch Bharat basically meant “cleanliness.”Expressing happiness at the way Swatch Bharat Mission was being carried out in Dimapur, he informed that a report would be submitted to the governor. He asked all in concern to send ‘the reports’ along with photographs to swatchbharatdmp@gmail.com.

After compilation, they will be sent to the government, Yaden informed.

By EMN Updated: Oct 19, 2016 12:34:23 am