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Living a Life of Purity

By EMN Updated: Sep 09, 2017 11:32 pm

By Ambrose J Chakre | EMN

Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love in faith and in purity. 1Timothy 4: 12.

Flee the evil desires of Youth, and pursue righteousness, faith love and peace along with those who call on the Lord out of a pure heart. 11Timothy 2:22.

Purity is the essence of inner beauty, when I speak about purity; I speak about our degrading moral values. This is no longer a secret. It is a prevailing social evil. The ways of man are sinful and the sinful desires in them makes them more sinful. When it comes to moral purity we find many youths enslaved to immorality.A man or a woman will do anything to please the one they love. In order to please each other they may also go morally wrong. True love is all about keeping ourselves pure in reverence for God. (Romans 12:1)Attraction to each other is a natural phenomenon. And this form of human attraction is a natural phase in human life. Though you may be emotionally attracted to the person, don’t let your emotions enslave you to his or her demands or favors.

Sexual temptation is result of uncontrolled emotions. A man may say if you love me  do this for me and the woman may also say the same thing but the error in their system of expressing love is that they are not driven by love, they are driven by selfish desires  in them which causes them to sin. When individuals ask for sexual favors, they are not driven by love but they are driven by lust.

Unfortunately many have fallen in to this sin. Just because you are in a relationship it doesn’t mean you have to give in to his or her demands. You cannot spoil your reputation just for the sake of love; you have to maintain your purity and integrity. Degrading ourselves is moral corruption.In most cases love blinds us to the extent that it makes us crazy. In some instances a girl and a boy may be crazy for each other but once they settle down, their lives become crazier when they don’t connect well in their ways of living.

Our present situation tells us a lot about our degrading moral values. We do the unthinkable which we are warned not to do. They may seeing is believing but now we believe even by hearing. Many lives are ruined because of immorality. What they did was wrong but they still need to be loved by the people. No matter how great their sins may be we should emphathize with them. I still love the mislead youths, the single mothers, the divorcees and the lost. No matter what a person may be he or she still needs love, care and attention.The part we can play is bringing about a moral change is to empathize with them and pray for them. They are not only destroying their own bodies but they are also hurting God. God is crying over their sins, over our sins.Hurting the person who loves us is the least we will do but that’s what we do. If we die immorally we die spiritually and when we die physically we become a prisoner of hell. I should say it is more beneficial to die spiritually than to die unspiritually. Death is knocking at the door of many young men and women. We are entrusted with the responsibility of being role models to the people of our generation in speech, in love, in faith and in purity.

At this present stage we can no longer be grieving over our own sins its high time we grieve for the sins of others. People are dying, people are morally corrupted they need to be prayed for that they can be spiritually accepted. Reach out to the lost is the cry of all the global prayer warriors. That’s a call for you, that’s a call for me, that’s a call for us. Reaching out to the lost is praying for the lost. Sinners fear to die in their sleep but the pure in heart fears to sin because they know that if they die in their sleep with the sin in them, they can never enter the kingdom of God.

While I had been struggling with sin I was scared of death but the moment I got rid of the sin  that was in me I was no longer scared of death but I was afraid to sin again. I plead with you to join me in changing people’s life. We can never force people to refrain from doing the forbidden but we can pray that the Holy Spirit will convict them of their sins. Guilty conscience pricks the person from within. If we don’t feel guilty after we sin our sins will keep on binding us till we are enslaved to it. The more we pray the less sin and the less we sin, the better we become.The Bible says many are called but only a few are chosen. To be among the chosen few we have to earn it. The innocence fade when promiscuity is visually visible. We can keep ourselves pure by keeping according to the Word of God. I don’t know what you do. You won’t know what I do but God knows what we do. Even if we sin in secret there is no way we can get away with the sin. When you feel no ones watching remember someone’s watching. Ecclesiastes12:14

Some months back a girl came to me for counseling. She broke down and told me about her past life and the hurt it was causing her because of her guilt of it. She was so frustrated with herself but I assured and convinced her that there was help available. She wanted to be loved and cared for and when I showed that to her she started feeling loved and accepted. When I make people happy I feel ecstatic. I prayed for her with a brotherly concern and she went home relieved. She was relieved of her guilt because she believed in the power of prayer. No matter how sinful a person may be they still need to be prayed for. If we want people to change we for the better we need to improve for the better.

Its all in your mind and the things in your mind will make you do the things you think. Without holiness no one will be able to see God and how can there be holiness when there is no purity. As we change people, we also need to keep working towards perfection. The life of purity you live will be the defining moment of your life. Love the one who loves you and He shall keep you protected.So how can we show gratitude to the person we love? We can express our love to Him by living a life of righteousness a life of purity and by living a life that is akin to His nature. In the end it’s what we do that will take us where we will be. I can say I want to be pure but I can be our only when I try to be pure. That’s something which applies to all of us. If we strive to be pure the love of God will start working in us. So let’s move on hand in hand towards the way of truth which comes through purity and the inner beauty in us will add beauty in us will add beauty to the Church of Christ.

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