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Letter to General Manager, SBI

By EMN Updated: Dec 29, 2014 11:27 pm

While acknowledging the selfless service rendered towards the general Public by reaching out even to the remotest part of the State like Kiphire, Nagaland. I would also like to share the grievances faced by the Public at Kiphire, Branch. Kiphire District situated in the most remote part of the State of Nagaland has more than 74,000 populations as per the census 2011. Out of this, even if we take only ¼ of the total population who are eligible for opening Bank Account/s it comes to around 18,500. Now, the government has its policies, that at least one or every member/s of the family should have Bank Account and all the schemes/projects/programmes including various Students Scholarship schemes etc has to be transact through Bank Accounts only. The District has only two (2) SBI Branches, and 2 (two) ATM Booth, one at Kiphire H.q and the other at Pungro Town (opened 3-4 years back) besides, NSCB which has limited facilities as of present. One instance, on 26th December 2014, I went out for recharging my Airtel Account, to which, I was surprised to learned that due to technical problem of Drafting at Bank, our customer at Kiphire will face a problem for recharging their account as we don’t have balance right now. It’s worth mentioning that the Branch staff headed by its Branch manager is been working tirelessly forgetting the working hour to satisfy the customer to the best possible they can. Yet, the General public has been facing untold hardship due to various reasons.

1. Due to congested Bank building, the bank became overcrowded and it’s a risk for the senior citizens, pensioners and Students especially in the first and second week of every months.
2. If someone has to transfer/deposit/draft some money, may be for their Children studying outside Kiphire, for the Sick, for Business etc they have to make that day Holiday. Because one has to stand in a queue starting from 10:00 am till 2:00 Pm without sure. As it’s a daily routine of saying “Aji Nabaribo te” Link down.
3. Almost all the Govt. Employees has been receiving their salary through their own Account, and don’t think of withdrawing salary in time at the Cash counter, the option is to go out and wait in a queue at an only ATM booth whole day. And sometimes even ATM booth too does not function.
4. It’s rarely possible to enquiry or share the problem/s and difficulties faced by the customers to the Bank staff as they were always very busy engaged in one or the other.
As a concern citizen I put forth the following suggestions before your esteem authority for your kind acknowledgment and necessary action thereof;
1. The Bank building is on the verge of collapsing; if possible occupy a new building, with more spacious for the safe custody and stampede due to overcrowded.
2. Find out the No. of Customers at Kiphire Branch and if possible open at least one more Branch for the people of Kiphire which will be of great help.
3. Kindly look into the Linking Problem and upgrade necessary facilities for the smooth functioning of the Banking system.
4. Please install at least two more ATM booth that will facilitate the public up to an extent.

Horiba Sangtam)
Kiphire, Nagaland.

By EMN Updated: Dec 29, 2014 11:27:39 pm