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Konyak apex bodies appeal for unity among Nagas

By EMN Updated: Oct 31, 2019 12:17 am

Dimapur, Oct. 30 (EMN): Amid talks of  the Indian government keen to end the protracted Naga political issue, the Konyak community on Wednesday appealed to all the Naga tribes to unite for a peaceful and honourable solution that is acceptable to all Nagas.

The appeal was one of the resolutions adopted by all Konyak apex organisations comprising of Konyak Union, Konyak Nyupuh Sheko Khong, Konyak Studens’ Union, Mon District GBs Union, Konyak Village Council Union, Mon District VDB Association, Konyak Baptist Bumeinok Banjum, all Konyak Union Units and Konyak Union Advisory Board Council at a meeting on the Naga political issue held in Mon on October 30.

Stating that Naga’s struggle for political self determination and peaceful co-existence among all the Nagas has been the ultimate aspirations of the Konyaks from the very start of the Naga national movement, the house through a statement, appealed to ‘leave aside differences, jealousy, greed and misunderstandings; and to embrace one another, forgiving and forgetting in the name of the Almighty God for an honourable solution.’ It also appealed to all the Naga political groups to “come together and work for a common solution acceptable to all sections of the Naga society.”

The Konyak Naga tribe lamented that Nagas could have achieved a breakthrough in its political aspiration had they paid heed to its call for “Unity First, Solution Next” on Naga political cause. It added Nagas had missed many political opportunities because of disunity and greed.

Questioning India’s approach towards the Naga peace talk, describing it as a mere step confined to end armed conflicts, the Konyak Union called for a “holistic, peaceful and honourable solution accommodating aspirations of all sections of the Naga Society.”

It reiterated that the final settlement “should be inclusive of the demand for the Frontier Nagaland, as past Naga political agreements have only brought adversities and instabilities to the Eastern Nagaland, and we do not want to suffer the same fate again. As new political arrangements will be drawn aftermath the Naga peace talk, it is highly warranted and pragmatic to fulfil the new political arrangement desired and demanded by the people of Eastern Nagaland.”

Appealing to the government of India to understand and resolve the decade’s old issue considering the sentiments and aspirations of the Nagas, the Konyak Union stated that the final settlement should not be a hollow declaration. It added that AFSPA should be after the solution.

The union went on to appeal to GoI to initiate talk with the government of Myanmar in order to bring Konyak Nagas living in India and Myanmar together “coherent and vibrant society.” It also asked GoI to look into developmental needs of the Nagas in Myanmar in its Act East Policy in the form of foreign aid and grants.

While appealing to all the Konyak citizens in different political groups to be part of the peaceful and honourable solution and adhere to its resolutions, the union has also declared the area in its jurisdiction as “complete peace and non infiltration zone”.

“Any group who defies this declaration shall not be tolerated and will be tagged as the enemy of the Konyaks. The Konyak Union also directed all the Konyak organisations and the village councils to safeguard the declaration of Konyak land as peace zone,” read the statement.

Lotha Hoho for amicable and early solution

Our Correspondent

Wokha, Oct. 30 (EMN): The Lotha Hoho (LH) conducted a general meeting at the local ground in Wokha town on October 30 to raise and collectively deliberate on the current Indo-Naga political talks for the long-awaited solution.

During the general meeting, Dimapur LH, Kohima LH and many individuals collectively raised their support for the Naga political groups to come together in a peaceful manner as Nagas had already suffered for long.

A three point resolution was also adopted during the general meeting, urging the Naga political negotiators and Government of India (GoI) for an “amicable and early solution.”

According to the resolution, the LH is committed to standing by the decision of the 14 Naga tribes of Nagaland that was adopted on October 22 in Kohima. “The Lotha tribe does not object to the framework agreement between the GoI and the NSCN/GPRN and also on the agreed points between the GoI and the working committee of the NNPGs,” read the statement.

The LH also stated that they would take action against any individual or group who might take part in “any untoward incident” towards any LH member or Lotha individual, with regards to the Naga political solution. “The family members of any individual involved in any untoward incident will also be held accountable,” it read.

Furthermore, the LH resolved that “Lotha area will not be used as a battleground/killing field for any individual/groups.”

By EMN Updated: Oct 31, 2019 12:17:25 am