Kohima Law College holds symposium on litigations
Sunday, March 26, 2023

Kohima Law College holds symposium on litigations

By EMN Updated: Feb 05, 2023 10:04 pm

Pro Bono Club of Kohima Law College organised a one-day symposium on ‘Public Interest Litigation (PIL)’ and ‘Litigation and advocacy’ in the college auditorium on February 3 with associate professor, Kezhokhoto Savi, and associate professor, Tompok Ponger, as the resource persons.

An update from the club stated that Savi spoke on ‘Public Interest Litigation.’ He explained that PIL is a ‘strategic arm’ of the legal aid movement and intended to bring justice within the reach of poor masses. Stating that PIL is not a new phenomenon, he said in the USA, it has been invoked largely for the purpose of improving the life conditions of the Blacks and ensuring human right to them.

He informed that PIL was initiated for the benefit of a class of people, who have been denied of their constitutional and legal rights because they were unable to have access to the courts on account of their socio-economic disabilities. According to him, PIL, in simple words, means litigation filed in a court of law for the protection of ‘Public Interest’ such as pollution, terrorism, road safety, constructional hazards etc. He stated that PIL could be filed which involves public importance such as (i) violation of basic human rights of the poor, (ii) content or conduct of government policy, (iii) compel municipal authorities to perform a public duties, (iv) violation of religious rights or other basic fundamental rights etc.

He added that there are many PIL success stories pertaining to pollution, prohibition of smoking in public places, right to get pollution free water and air, hospital management etc.

Savi also informed that the words Pro Bono was derived from the Latin word which means ‘For the public good’ launched by the government of India under the Ministry’s Nyaya Bandhu scheme with focus to developing legal volunteering skills of aspiring lawyers.

Savi stated that justice is not accessible to the underprivileged due to many reasons. He said money is the major problem, which means that justice is accessible to those who could afford it but not to those who are in need. He stated that the basic objective of launching Pro Bono Club and PIL was to enable the students especially the Pro Bono associates to give legal aid to the underprivileged ones at zero-cost so that justice should reach all classes.

Tompok Ponger spoke on ‘Litigation and Advocacy’ by explaining the system of legal practices. He explained in detailed about the court proceedings in district court as a trial court.

He has also emphasised on the importance of legal professional ethics where legal profession is considered to be a noble profession. He stated that law practitioners should possess and cultivate honesty, hard working and integrity. He added that ‘Judicial ethics and integrity are the bedrock on which credibility of the institution of judiciary was founded.’

Associate professor David Shiu, faculty in-charge of Pro Bono Club, chaired the session in which more than hundred law students besides Pro Bono associates attended. The closing remark was presented by the college’s principal, Soni Tep.

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