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Kohima assault: orgs demand justice from govt. and faction

By EMN Updated: Aug 23, 2016 12:53 am

Dimapur, August 22 : The civil society of Kohima town have demanded a set of punitive actions from the government of Nagaland and the underground group GPRN-NSCN (unification) for the assault of a businessman in Kohima on August 19, over matter associated with “tax.”

If the demanded actions are not met, the civil community will resort to own action, a press release on Monday stated.

The Naga Business Association of Kohima (NBAK) issued a press release on Monday informing of several resolutions frontal organizations are said to have decided upon after a recent joint meeting.
The organization said that a joint meeting was conducted with various frontal tribal organizations, student and youth organisation and the ACAUT. The organizations discussed the August 19 assault of a Naga businessman allegedly by a member of an underground organization.

The accused was identified as GPRN-NSCN (Unification) “region commander” Pitovi and two of his accomplices, the press release stated.

The organizations denounced the alleged assault and decided on a number of resolutions in response.

The first resolution demanded that the Nagaland government ‘immediately’ arrest the “region commander Pitovi and two of his accomplices at the earliest and book them under NSA.” The second resolution demanded that the GPRN-NSCN (U) ‘immediately terminate them from service.’

The third demanded from the GPRN-NSCN (U) an unconditional apology and an assurance for the safety of the victim as well as his family members.

“If the demand of the joint meeting could not be fulfilled, the NBAK along with the frontal organisations, student bodies and youth organisations will resort to its own course of action,” the statement said in assurance.

The NBAK also reaffirmed to support the ACAUT stand on ‘one government, one tax’.

The press release also mentioned the representative organizations that attended the meeting. They were the KVYO, the NAYO, the WASU, the Upper Agri Colony Council, and the ACAUT; all Kohima Municipal Ward Panchayat, Kohima Ao Telongjen, and the Chakhesang Hoho of Kohima, and the Kohima Sumi Hoho, Kohima Lotha Hoho, Rengma Public Organisation of Kohima and Eastern Naga Public Union of Kohima.

By EMN Updated: Aug 23, 2016 12:53:52 am