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Kisetong and Hurong bury past hatchet

By EMN Updated: Jan 29, 2017 12:01 am

Dimapur, Jan. 28: Kisetong and Hurong villages have held a reconciliation/ peace programme on January 27 in the presence of huge gathering from both the villages.

It was reported that during the time of forefathers, a conflict took place between the two villages of Kisetong and Hurong villages resulting in killing of people from both sides. Since then there was a feeling of hatred and vengeance between the people of the two villages.

However, with the advent of Christianity and modern education, the villages with the initiative of some intellectuals from both villages, decided to reconcile and put aside the past rancour.

The programme was chaired by Thsatsi, pastor of Kisetong Baptist Church, while the peace monolith was dedicated by Rev. K Thsapong, pastor of Hurong Baptist Church. Short speeches were delivered by Chumpise, Head GB of Kisetong village, Tsapizi, Head GB of Hurong village, Tsathrongo, 2nd Head GB of Kiphire town and C Kipili, Minister of Power.

All the speakers stressed upon the spirit of forgive and forget and learn to live as brothers and sisters. A short message was delivered by Rev. K Thsapong, which was followed by a peace feast.

By EMN Updated: Jan 29, 2017 12:01:14 am